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Terrorist Funnies

I thought I would take some time out of my non-busy evening and browse through some of Brian's EvilFeed photos from the empirial loving friends of ours.  Well.... according to the liberals and  MSM they are.  Who are you to judge?!?!

Well, anyway.  I thought I would share some photos with you that caught my eye.

"Whooo-WEEE!  That new One-Stop Fart-n-Go is rather difficult to get used to."

Three of Cinderella's dwarves.  Grumpy, Sleepy and.... Evil Suicidal Dictator dwarf.


The 5 little pigs.  Oh wait.  Is that Hamid Karzi from Afghanistan?  What in god's name is he doing in IRAN??  That is not a good sign at all.  Have you seen this on your local news?


Who knew Iran had their own hippie tent-cities.  AWWww... they even have their own secure spaces.


And they are provided their own bathroom facilities.  Nice clean toilet next to the food storage area.  So, when you get dysentary from food, it is not that far a trip for relief.


Here is where you are allowed to wash your kids, your dogs, your trash, and your butt.  Don't forget your animals, your mother-in-law and that toilet of yours.


Oooooo.  Scary.  But, I don't know.  Probably not as scary as... THIS!


Now, that is scary!!!
(Much thanks to Martin Klasch at his blogspot. He created this gif image from the movie: 5 Million Years To Earth or also known as Quartermass and the Pit)


Hey, John Kerry likes Iran.  Seeeee...


Iran has folded.  They submitted to their first bike lane.  We are winning.

Ok, you sit here. You, sit here.  No, you sit here.  We have booster seat for you.  You sit here!


But, you have to admit.... they have some really cool buildings.  Too bad they will be glass soon.

That's all till next time.


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