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Oh YEAH!: What Is Fairly Used Against The People Is Fair To Be Used Against The Feds

Oh Yeah.  I love this.  This is sexy.  This has legs.  This is going to be fun and will give us enjoyment for a long, long time.

What am I talking about?  tee-hee  Republican Governor of Utah has filed eminent domain against the federal government in order to reclaim their own lands back.  Recall back in 1996, as a campaign measure, then president Bill Clinton signed executive orders to seize away STATE lands in order to prevent companies from access the area's natural resources such as coal and oil and natural gas.  The Feds just said, "nope" and stole the lands from the state.  The state then lost all of that revenue. 

Little Johnny and his sister Jill had to do without lunch one day a week at their school because Pres Clinton stole that source of property revenue.

Well, Republican Governor Gary Herbert has had enough.  He wants his lands back.

Fed up with federal ownership of more than half the land in Utah, Republican Gov. Gary Herbert on Saturday authorized the use of eminent domain to take some of the U.S. government's most valuable parcels.

Herbert signed a pair of bills into law that supporters hope will trigger a flood of similar legislation throughout the West, where lawmakers contend that federal ownership restricts economic development in an energy-rich part of the country.

I LOVE IT!!!!  This is a Booh-yah! move. 

More than 60 percent of Utah is owned by the U.S. government, and policy makers here have long complained that federal ownership hinders their ability to generate tax revenue and adequately fund public schools.

Initially, the state would target three areas for the use of eminent domain, including the Kaiparowits plateau in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, which is home to large coal reserves.

Many people in Utah are still angry that then-President Bill Clinton's designated the area as a national monument in 1996, a move that stopped development on the land and greatly pleased environmentalists as he ran for re-election.

I love this move.  It may fail due to our liberal pro-FED judicial system, but this needs to occur more and more.  

Did you know that the Feds own over 30% of all of America's land?  They own 98% of Alaska and 86% of Nevada.  Why?  We already heard the Feds own 60% of Utah.  WHY?!!?


The foundation of socialism is the idea that government should own the sources of production and distribute its benefits "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

The land owned by the federal government is rich in resources, which should be the property of the states and the people who live there. The states and the people who live there should decide how the land and its resources are used.

But no. In the West, the federal government not only dictates how the land will be used, it also dictates how the law will be enforced. Duly elected county sheriffs are forced to stand aside while law-enforcement officers of the U.S. Forest Service confiscate the private property of ranchers who allow their cattle to eat grass that the federal government claims as its own – despite a hundred years of undisputed ownership by the rancher's family.

Take a look at this map.  If you exclude the reddish-pink areas that are Bureau of Indian Affairs lands, you can see how much lands in the West that the Feds have stolen and kept away from the people of this nation.

And the Feds have shown year after year, time after time, that they are the worst stewards of our nation's property.  They are lousy with maintenance and protection.  Heck, they can't even protect our borders.  What makes you think they can protect an area within Utah or Colorado?  How often do you hear of vast drug operations going on within our National Parks?

Four federal agencies--the Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service, and National Park Service--are tasked with managing most of this land with combined annual budgets of $8.1 billion for fiscal year (FY) 1999. [ED: That was in 1999, 10 years ago.  Wonder how huge it is now!] But as recent reports by the federal government's own watchdogs point out, these agencies are not doing a good job. For example:

    *  The U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) reported that the cost of eliminating the agencies' reported backlog of maintenance problems on public land exceeds $12 billion.

And things only get worse:

The Congressional Budget Office observed in April 1999 that many instances, the National Park Service, the Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management find it difficult to maintain and finance operations on their existing land holdings.... [E]nvironmental objectives such as habitat protection and access to recreation might be best met by improving management in currently held areas, rather than providing minimal management over a larger domain.

The Feds do not get direct monies or fees when people access those lands.  Give the lands back to the states and let them manage the areas.  The states can charge access fees, or sell the lands outright.  The fees and monies can then be used to manage and protect those areas. 

I am more OK with people on the state payroll than enlarging the Federal payroll.  I am NOT OK with the enlarging of the Socialist idea that the government is the best manager of our lands.

But what is scary, is that more and more of the Federal Budget is set aside to continue to seize and purchase more and more lands.

This land is your land.  This land is not their land.  Take it back.  Stand up and vote for those who believe in the Constitution and will defend your personal and state's rights.



#1 Kevin 31-Mar-2010

That's excellent news!  I wonder if Alaska will follow suit?

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