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Creating and Saving Jobs FAIL

Finally, we see the "hidden" costs of the Democratic Party's grand new scheme to micromanage our health system—

3M: $90 million

A. K. Steel: $31 million

Prudential: $100 million

Allegheny Tech: $5 million

Illinois Tool Works: $22 million

Honeywell: $13 million

Caterpillar: $100 million

John Deere: $150 million

AT&T: $1 fricking billion

And that's only counting the companies that have reported their loss so far. (The Securities and Exchange Commission requires that all companies report this information when they "become aware of it," so it's a given that more will come forward as we continue.)

I don't know in which country you can utterly delete $1.5 billion dollars overnight and not see any negative impact—but way down here in the Reality-Based World in which the rest of us have to live, this translates directly to (a) increased costs for these companies, which will all be passed down to their consumers (i.e., you), or (b) layoffs, which will add to the length of the unemployment lines that Nanski Peloski is always claiming to be so concerned about (in between her in-flight caviar meals).

Or (c) both options at once, most likely.

What, pray tell, is the response of The Most Fiscally-Inept Party In History to this latest news?

Can I have "Hearings and Harassment" for $100, Alex?

It's not like anyone really believed that hope and change would mean anything other than that, after all...



#1 captainfish 01-Apr-2010

if this thing is not thrown out with the trash (where it and Socialism belongs) we will see much much more.  Our country is heading down the collapse path.

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