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Happy Easter - We're All Gonna Die!!

Seems, even a wonderful weekend designed with happiness, glee, future-looking, smiley rabbits, chocolate-love hangovers, and kids in their Easter best is just something that can't be allowed to stand.  Warmists just can't leave well enough alone.  Even for one weekend.

But, according to the Warmists, we are still "all gonna die!".  Even if there is no proof, they just can't seem to spout their illogic fast enough.  And Easter weekend is not even safe from their vitriollic ant-human rhetoric.

Click here for the story...According to professional scientists who knew everything from the day of creation to 15 billion years in the future, a giant North American lake caused our last massive cooling 13,000 years ago.  Ok.  Even if we agree with them, what they have to add is what adds the humor.

Scientists say they have found the trigger of a sharp cooling 13,000 years ago that plunged Europe into a mini ice age.

Mark Bateman from the University of Sheffield in England said a catastrophic flood unleashed from a giant North American lake dumped large amounts of fresh water into the Arctic Ocean.

This led to the shutting down of the Gulf Stream ocean circulation pattern that brings warmth to Europe.

"We're talking about a lake the size of the (United Kingdom) emptying very quickly," Bateman told Reuters by telephone. "We don't know the exact period of time but we're talking about a catastrophic flood."

The finding has confirmed past theories about the likely cause of a sudden cooling period called the Younger Dryas when temperatures in Europe, similar to today's, quickly returned to ice age conditions. The cooling lasted for about 1,400 years.

Ok.  Let's analyze these facts as produced in the un-fact-less internet. 

One - there was a sharp and massive cooling 13,000 years ago that plunged Europe (and presumably the whole globe) into a mini ice age.

Two - They found the cause was that a massive fresh water lake the size of UK was dumped, very quickly, into the Atlantic Gulf Stream.

Three - this quick dumping of fresh water from a lake the size of UK caused a mini ice age that lasted about 1,400 years.

Wow.  Good thing we have nothing to fear any more.  There aren't any fresh water lakes of that size anywhere in the world nowadays.  Thus, we have nothing to fear. 

Oh dang.... I forgot who we were talking about:

"Our research shows that if you put a large volume of fresh water into the North Atlantic in a very short space of time, this is what happens," Bateman said. His team's work is published in the latest issue of the journal Nature.

Climate scientists fear rapid global warming could trigger a sharp increase in the amount of meltwater from Greenland. This surge in fresh water could trigger a tipping point that overwhelms the Gulf Stream, shutting it down and likely plunging Europe into another deep freeze.


Oh come on, people.  Can't you see how stupid you are?  Ok.  Ok.  So, we are at risk of massive, massive, massive, amounts of fresh water DUMPING in to the Atlantic Gulf Stream in a very short amount of time.  Ok, well not really, but let's play along like we are.  

What can we expect?

Satellite observations and computer models by scientists have shown that the Greenland icesheet is melting at an accelerating rate, dumping large amounts of ice and meltwater into the North Atlantic.

A study published in the journal Science last November said recent summers further accelerated Greenland's mass loss to the equivalent of 273 cubic kilometers of water per year in the period 2006-2008. The also represented 0.75 millimeters of global sea level rise per year.

Holy Sheep-dippers Batman!!  RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!

THe massive, massive, quick and even swift even melting of the entire Greenland icesheet will cause a less than one millimeter rise in the WHOLE of the ocean?!?!? 

"MARTHA!!  Pull up your knickers.  The Flood is a comin'!!"

I wonder if these IDIOTS have even cared to look at the recent year's glacier's and polar ice meltings?  How much has the sea risen from all of that melting over the last few decades? 

Yet, guess we probably shouldn't mention that the melting has either ended or reversed.  Probably not. 

That doesn't fit in to their fancy-nancy computer models.


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