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The Iranian Dichotomy in 2010

Iran has kicked off its "Me-Too" nuclear conference in Tehran yesterday, in response to Barack Obama's shindig from last week. Ironically enough, Iran threw a party with less overtly Islamic imagery than our own.

Of course, as in every thug-driven nation, the reality published for the consumption of Western leftists doesn't always line up with real reality. To absolutely nobody's surprise, check out what the Iranian military was toting around in the streets during their big military parade today:

These assorted rockets and missiles and stuff (not to mention the... definitely miscellaneous) are for the purposes of peaceful energy, of course. As are the terrorists riding ATVs and giant karate thugs!

I will admit that Iran knows how to speak directly to hippies, though. Yuck!

There's no doubt in my mind that the latter is intended to be Iran's signal to Israel—especially considering that Official Iranian Salute Guy showed up to make the whole thing official.

Not to worry, though—Israel shouldn't have any problem at all besting jokers like these if it comes down to it.

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#1 DMartyr 19-Apr-2010

Is that the Taco Bell dog on the podium seal? Sitting there, looking at the world, but with a circle and slash through him?

Those sick bastards.

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