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Terrorist Funnies #3

I apologize.  I was hoping that I could make this a weekly family fun-filled event.  My last one was back on April 5.  I have been slacking since then.   Brian doesn't let me post much around here any more.

Well, without further delay (and before Brian gets back), here we go:

Iranian shag carpets, upset at their low status and pay, declare that
they've finally had enough and take to the streets.

"Um, no.  No sir.  Those are not prophylactics."

We're The Green Hornets On Parade!!

HEY HEY HEY!!! Watch the tongues! People are watching, you pervs.

This is what happens when you don't wash your face before bed time, Jimmy.  You get zits.

Banished to the far corner, Jeff, Tim and Chad continue with their Pokemon battles.

While this may be everyone we have issues with nowadays, this is actually my idea of what a "summit" is supposed to look like.  They seem to have more friends than we do.

"101 ways to kill infidels"  Hmmm, Bubba Hotep likes.

"As you can see, with my... YOUR, new plan, our probability for taking over the evil Zionists has increased by 50%"

"No.  You get no huggy.  Move along."

With all the flack over hangings, and that everyone is doing it these days, Iran has sought to flip things around and try something new.

And finally....

"Ummmm..., I think we took the wrong turn in Albequerque."



#1 African Moondog 21-Apr-2010

The boat seems to be based on the German S boat which is a 1928 design.

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