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British Muslims Outraged over Firing-Range Mosque

The Northern Echo reports:

The Ministry of Defence apologised today after a Muslim group complained that structures used on an Army firing range resembled mosques.

Bradford Council for Mosques said the structures at Bellerby firing range at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire should be taken down immediately.

The Army said it was vital soldiers trained in an environment which replicated where they were deployed.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said the structures were ''generic Eastern buildings'' and were not used as target practice.

The spokesman added: ''We apologise for any offence that we may have caused. It was never our intention for these generic structures to look like or replicate mosques, only to provide a setting similar to operational environments in which our personnel could train.

"Generic Eastern Buildings?"


Of course, as we all know, terrorists NEVER EVER use mosques to store and launch weapons, so for the British to use simulated mosques in simulated towns in which they simulate real-life battles is clearly even more evidence of their latent RACISM.

(via the esteemed Robert Spencer)


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