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Technology Impedes Progress

In Sweden, unlike il Duce's fabled Italy, the trains definitely do not run on time:

Trains delayed by porn-surfing rail worker

A 52-year-old rail worker reprimanded two years ago for visiting pornographic websites at work has escaped with just a second warning despite repeatedly causing trains to be delayed in eastern Sweden. The Swedish Rail Administration's (Banverket) disciplinary board issued the follow-up warning in March after the signal operator's litany of workplace transgressions led to numerous delays at Gävle station.

In the two-year period since his porn habits led the administration's local computer network to become infected with viruses, the 52-year-old has routinely been summoned to formal meetings with his boss to discuss his various breaches.

High speed X2000 trains, cargo trains, and regular passenger trains have all been affected by the 52-year-old's relaxed approach to his job as a signal operator.

Aside from regularly arriving late to a job regulated by a strict timetable, the man also occasionally failed in his duty to keep train drivers abreast of the latest developments on the tracks. One frustrated driver reported that the 52-year-old slept soundly at his post as he awaited permission for his train to enter the station.

When a series of meetings with his exasperated boss failed to produce results, the 52-year-old was referred in May 2009 to a behavioural therapist "in order to find a way to raise the quality of his work. Above all, to be in the here and now," the board wrote.

It is obviously unfair of me to blame "technology" for this man's actions, incidentally. The clearest cause of this condition is obviously the Socialist malaise that the ever-giving Swedish state has imposed upon this poor entitled creature since birth.

To think that he should actually be held accountable for his inaction is clearly beyond the pale in the Equal People's State.



#1 Yiddish Steel 08-Apr-2010

I told you a bunch of Jaggoffs were running the Rail System in Sweden.

#2 captainfish 10-Apr-2010

Brian, are you trying to say that Porn is bad?  Surely not.......

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