The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

We're Saved. We're Saved. Thank God, Obama Has Saved Us!

And of course I don't mean in the religious metaphysical sort-of saving.  That is a given.  I mean, he is da-massiah.

What I mean, is that we can now all rest easy, sleep better at night, let our kids play outside, go to the park, enjoy the peace and tranquility our tiny nation has to offer.... all b'cause of the things Mighty Super-bama has done.

What may you ask has this most amazing colosal intelligent of a man done?  Well, let me tell you.  Let me share the good news from the amazing one.

47 nations at Obama's Nuclear Summit agree to safeguard nukes, keep them out of terrorists' hands



We can now rest our weary heads down upon our pillows knowing that for the first time in our Democracy, we can rest knowing that our nuclear bombs won't be given to terrorists. Never before has an American Socialist President made these aggressive policy decisions to protect the American citizens.

We can at least rest safe knowing that there are limits that Obama won't go.  He may bow down to communists and dictators, but he won't just hand over our nukes. (he may use them as bribes, tho).

  #Dictatorship #FactChecking

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