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Friday Funnies

"Isn't this fun kids?!  I told you Pres Obama gave great speeches.  Long WINDED, but great!"

"Listen bub.  I'm the President now.  What I say goes.  NASA is nothing but white people spending kid's school lunch money to throw wasted metal out in space."

"See this?  This is the line Buzz.  You better start walking it!"  "Yeah?  Well, you're a putz!"

"Mr President, I really need to go pee-pee!!"

"ssnnnzzzz  .... sssnNNOORRE!!"

"Why are we hear listening to this baffoon, sir?  SHUDDUP!  Sit straight or we won't get any Jim Beam Whiskey when this godawful day is over."

"YES.  He's done.  Can we go now?"

oh holy hell!!  And, that doesn't even remotely suggest that something could go wrong with this plan either.  God forgive us.

Crazy Mexicans celebrating life and liberty.  We need to be more like them and let them in here.

With spring on its way, makes me think of donning my bathing suit and taking a dive.  I can just feel the warm water over my skin, the joy of the dive, and the feel of the freedom while swimming through the water.


"Oh god yeah!!  Awesome burger!  Good.  No one saw me."


WOW.  TOTUS has been fed very well.  Must be getting lots of exercise too.

OH COME ON!  It's a freakin' painting!

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#1 Brian C. Ledbetter 16-Apr-2010
#2 captainfish 17-Apr-2010

Dang it


#3 DMartyr 18-Apr-2010

How about this pic:

How bright are our college students if they are falling off this bridge? Cornell University students for cripes sake!


#4 captainfish 18-Apr-2010


fallen or thrown themselves off due to the liberal brainwashing?

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