The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Happy Boogey Saturday

Thanks to Brian's joy-filled happy announcement the other day regarding Iran's recognition of their pro-woman Constitution and culture by the U.N., I have some viral videos to further widen that smile on your face.

First up, is the latest huge viral video all the way from the War on Terror Lady Gaga.

Its the new, new Hide The Decline Video that is sweeping the nation like a hockey stick, ... if it could ... sweep a nation.  that is.  any-hooo

How about that micro-forge you were meaning to make?  You know, if you wanted to make those extra bullets.  You know.  For when our economy collapses. 

Dang it.  Gotta stay happy.  Gotta stay funny.  (think funny think funny)

Oh, and don't forget to catch the matchup.  Goblin vs DeadPool.  This one's gonna hurt.  Like a locker.  A.. hurt locker.  get it?  see.  I made a play on words.  and.  Tied to a movie.. ... that.... SHEESH.  COME ON!!  IT WAS FUNNY!!

We're supposed to be having a good time here.

How about some more Megan Fox with a cowgirl slang?  Jonah Hex BABY!!


Well, the best video by far, is Boogey-Woogey Hedgehog.  Just try not tapping your toes while singing along.

thanks to Ace

That's all for now boys and girls.  Now go out there and have some fun.  Before the earth explodes from all the burning oil covering the oceans.


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