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Anytime a child is born to a US citizen on foreign soil, that child is automatically a US citizen.  The child is not a citizen of the country they happen to be born in.  This is a given.  If the father holds different citizenshp than that of the child's mother, then that child will hold dual nationality, not necessarily dual citizenship.

But yet, here in America, where liberals, leftists and socialists (better known as Democrats and RINOS), love illegal border runners so much that they are actively ignoring our Constitution and how every other nation treats births of non-citizens on their soil.

If a child is born to a Pakistan Ambassador in one of our hospitals, the US Constitution and case law holds that since the father, or single-mother, holds a citizenship to another country, hisher loyalty is not to the US.  Thus, they are not citizens of US.  Therefore, the child is not given US citizenship. 

Thus, children born to immigrants upon our soil are also not US citizens as the guardians hold a non-US citizenship.  This holds especially true for illegal border runners who only do so in order to give the Democrats more anchor babies.

Question:  When should we start upholding our Constitution and case law by not handing out US citizenship like 5 cent gumballs?

Question:  Should we take back citizenships from those born to non-citizens (the anchor babies)?

Question:  Should states make proclamations announcing that they will now follow the US Constitution regarding new births to non-citizens?

What do you guys think?  Or, am I wrong?



#1 Yiddish Steel 04-May-2010

States should immediately uphold the 14th Amendment by exercizing their 10th Amendment and stop granting Citizenship to babies born to law-breaking, illegal Aliens.  States that continue to reward illegal, felonious behavior should not be granted any emergency funding by the Federal Government for their own reckless policies.  What's to debate over this?  Seriously.

#2 Anonymous 05-May-2010

"Anytime a child is born to a US citizen on foreign soil, that child is automatically a US citizen".... Sorry, that's not strictly true... The child of a couple, one of whom is a US citizen the other not, only gets US citizenship automatically if the US citizen parent was born on US soil or lived 5 years in the US before the age of 18. If the US citizen parent was born abroad and didn't live in the US for 5 years before 18, then the child does not become a US citizen.

#3 Yiddish Steel 05-May-2010

There should be NO REASON that any child born to parents of a foreign nation, weather here legally or illegally, should be automatically granted citizenship just because the mother unloaded her Ueterus on our soil.  PERIOD!

#4 captainfish 10-May-2010


Thanks for the update.  However, I think thebasics of my statement still remain true.  A child born to a US citizenon foreign soil is a US citizen (noting time line of new citizens, ofcourse) but are not citizens of the foreign nation.

Now, Ilearned recently that there was a law passed in 1876 I think.  However,that was a law and not the Constitution.  THe law was made to protectthe slaves that were brought over here so that when they were released,they could not be immediately deported.  At the time it was ahumanitarian gesture.

I am sure othere here might know more about it.

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