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Stimulus Dollars Hard At Work?

I don't know how true this is (consider the source) but knowing who we have as president and how friendly he is towards tyrants and dictators, this can't be far from the truth...

Thanks Obama.

From a Fox News update comes this tweet from our little friend to the south.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said his government will sign agreements this week with foreign oil companies that will lead to $40 billion in investments in oil projects.  Chavez announced the plan Sunday with a post on Twitter:

"We will be signing with oil companies from India, Japan, Spain, U.S. investment $40 billion. How about that?"

Recall how there was nearly $2 billion in stimulus funding going to foreign energy companies.  His administration authorized another $2 billion for Brazil's oil exploration.  Brazil is very friendly with Chavez. And Bolivia's Morales.  And all are in a love affair with Iran's Achmed.

How much of a stretch would it be to believe Obama and his cronies gave Chavez this $40 billion?


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