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Internet: A Global Health Issue

ah-yep.  Accessing and using the internet is a health issue worthy of global governmental control and regulation.  Forget the FCC trying to control and regulate the internet, the UN knows best.

The World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations' public health arm, is moving full speed ahead with a controversial plan to impose global consumer taxes on such things as Internet activity and everyday financial transactions like paying bills online — while its spending soars and its own financial house is in disarray.

The aim of its taxing plans is to raise "tens of billions" of dollars for WHO that would be used to radically reorganize the research, development, production and distribution of medicines around the world, with greater emphasis on drugs for communicable diseases in poor countries.

Yes, because unfettered and unregulated and untaxed use of the internet is hampering the research and transportation of medicine. 

I know, everytime I use my internet to pay my bills, I think to myself, "Myself, I know if I paid more global taxes on this here internet, sub-sahara Africans can get their medicine despite the gangs and dictators in their country."


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