The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

We're Going Ad-Free

Considering the fact that (a) this blog draws about as much traffic as a bored wolverine and (b) even when we drew as much traffic as the epic ballad of a squirrel seeking some corn, we never saw a dime of ad revenue, I figure it's about time Snapped Shot returns to its original openly not-for-profit form.

Thanks very much to AdBrite and Amazon Associates for providing a high-quality advertising service for these few years—Y'all have been fantastic partners, other than the whole non-revenue generation part of things. In the off chance that I actually get a high-volume project off the ground again, I do look forward to working with both of your companies once again!



#1 captainfish 21-Apr-2010

And the crowd says, hey!   ....    ....   ....








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