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Photoshopping In Real Life

Totally a scary weapons system, and not a bunch of empty barrels.

One of the photos I highlighted in yesterday's coverage of Iran's military parade (of peace!) was of a truck carrying some random tubular-looking things. As it turns out, it would seem that Iran is claiming to have reinvented the Soviet S-300 weapons system—Surely the mullahs would be proud at that, no?

Of course, as a number of online military forums are discussing, it's much more likely that this system is just a bunch of empty hot air and pomp.

Me? I'm waiting to see how Iran's first home-grown stealth fighter (I jest—actual photo here) works out. From the looks of how "aerodynamic" it is, I'm itching to know how many feet it gets off the ground... before crashing right back down to earth in a ball of fire.

(Feel free to peruse through the rest of Iran's great military accomplishments over on EvilFeed.)

Update: When telling a joke using the Internet, it's always good to actually link to the right thing. With that in mind, I've fixed the stealth fighter link above. Hopefully the joke makes more sense now!


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