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Another Barack Obama Diplomacy Success!

Iran is conducting a large-scale military exercise, dubbed "The Great Prophet," in the Straits of Hormuz today. And while I don't see a single word about this on the White House or State Department websites—because Earth Day is totally more important than impending Armageddon, like dontcha know?—I can only imagine that Barack & Co. are cheering their great success at bringing Iran back to the table of international nonviolent diplomatic relations so quickly.

(h/t Zero Hedge—We'll be updating with the latest photos on EvilFeed.)

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#1 captainfish 22-Apr-2010

MSM doesn't seem fit to cover this either.  Even the evil anti-government Fox News has gone "green".  Their whole main front page is covered in "green" related info-mercials and advertising.  Made me cry.  And then I threw up.

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