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Our Friends To The South Are Just Misunderstood

You know, we all make fun of our friends and colleagues to the south, but I and the Obama administration just think they are misunderstood.  They are basically decent folks trying to make a living.  And, when the government gets in the way, they turn to the only outlet left to them.  They were forced by their government to turn seditious.

Maybe we need to get Obama and Biden down there to make them see the error of their ways.  Bring them back in to the fold.

Fox News has the scoop:

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico -- Gunmen ambushed two police vehicles at a busy intersection in this drug- and violence-plagued city, killing seven officers and a 17-year-old boy who was passing by, authorities said.

Six of the police officers killed in Friday's attack were federal, and one was a local police woman, said Enrique Torres Valadez, a spokesman for the state of Chihuahua, where Ciudad Juarez is located. Two local police officers were in critical condition.

Authorities said the police officers had stopped to talk to a street vendor who flagged them down for help when gunmen opened fire from behind their pickup patrol trucks. The assailants fled in three vehicles.

Investigators said they don't know why the officers were shot, although they don't believe they were targeted because of any recent arrests they had made.

Believe me.  These poor uneducated people, who undertook this non-dialogue discussion, who only seek a better life for themselves and their starving children, are just misunderstood.  We need to head down there and communicate with them and open up a line of dialogue with them.  That way we can know what their concerns are and they can know what services are available to them.

An estimated 22,700 people have been killed in Mexico's drug war since December 2006.

We understand that there has been some anger that has been on both sides of this argument in the past.  But the era of hate and derision is over.  The era of capitalistic motives is over.  We just need to enlighten these down-trodden individuals about what benefits can be given to them if they just turn their arms up to the security and safety of our government. 

These people who have only been repressed and never born in to the benefit of money like the police officers were are only trying to provide protections for their families from the tyrannical (non-socialist) and dictatorial (non-Marxist) Mexican government.  It is time to end this cycle of corruption.  Thus, we can provide a growing market-driven approach that would provide free-market government-controlled incentives to limit their errantways.

Elsewhere, police in the Pacific coast state of Guerrero said they found the bodies of five men who had been shot to death lying on a dirt road near the state capital, Chilpancingo. Three of the men were brothers, all in their 20s.

I say we create another bureaucratic-commission that will talk and discuss the issues these poor poeple have brought to the table.  We can then create several new federal agencies that will monitor the operations of these people to make sure that they are not too small to fail.  Should they receive a request for increased funding from these innocent and misunderstood sector of hard-working people, this agency can bail them out.  That way, they will not be forced to succumb to what some may see as possibly illegal activities.

Do it for the children.


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