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Iran Clenches its Fist

Meet the Silkworm missile, Iran's latest memo to the Obama administration:

The Silkworm gained fame in the 1980s when it was used by both sides in the Iran–Iraq War; both countries were supplied by China. During 1987, Iran fired a number of Silkworm missiles from the Al-Faw Peninsula vicinity striking the Liberian-flagged tanker Sungari and US flagged tanker Sea Isle City in October 1987[1] and 5 other missiles struck areas in Kuwait earlier in the year. In October 1987, Kuwait's Sea Island off shore oil terminal was hit by an Iranian Silkworm which was observed to have originated from the Al-Faw peninsula. The attack prompted Kuwait to deploy a Hawk missile battery on Failaka Island to protect the terminal.[2] In December 1987, another Iranian Silkworm was fired at the terminal, but it struck a decoy barge instead.[3] Prior to these attacks the missile's range was thought to be less than 80 kilometres (49.7 mi), but these attacks proved that the range exceeded 100 kilometres (62.1 mi) with Kuwaiti military observers seeing that the missiles originated from the area and tracking them on radar along with US satellite imagery of the launch sites.[4]

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#1 captainfish 28-Apr-2010

Umm.. isn't there something up with that photo? image?   

It looks like the truck is facing us, looking off to our right.  but yet, the missile looks like it is facing away from us.

I can see the back tail fin and the missile's engine exhaust.  I also can not see the nose of the missile.  It looks like it is flying away from us off to our right.  As if the missile flew ACROSS the truck in a tangent direction.

Is there another truck behind this one in the foreground?  A hidden truck that was the one that actually launched the missile?  Or, are we to believe that this missile came from this truck?  Were they launching missiles in various directions?

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