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Joel Rosenberg Sees the Future

In his last novel, Dead Heat, Rosenberg posited a scenario in which a couple of rogue nations attack America via container ships.

In speaking with a handful of individuals within various parts of the American military about this, the reaction I usually got was that it was improbable that anyone would do that, and besides which, the Coast Guard can track all container ships in realtime around the globe, and would notice if anything were out of line on one of them before they could do any damage.

Behold the future:

A Russian company is marketing a devastating new cruise missile system which can be hidden inside a shipping container, giving any merchant vessel the capability to wipe out an aircraft carrier.

Potential customers for the formidable Club-K system include Kremlin allies Iran and Venezuela, say defense experts. They worry that countries could pass on the satellite-guided missiles, which are very hard to detect, to terrorist groups.

"At a stroke, the Club-K gives a long-range precision strike capability to ordinary vehicles that can be moved to almost any place on earth without attracting attention," said Robert Hewson of Jane's Defense Weekly, who first disclosed its existence.

A promotional video for the Club-K on the website of Moscow-based makers Kontsern-Morinformsistema-Agat shows an imaginary tropical country facing a land, sea and air attack from a hostile neighbor.It fights back by loading three shipping containers concealing Club-Ks onto a truck, a train and a ship, disperses them, and then launches a devastating strike on its enemy, destroying its warships, tanks and airfields.

"The idea that you can hide a missile system in a box and drive it around without anyone knowing is pretty new," said Hewson, who is editor of Jane's Air-Launched Weapons.

"Nobody's ever done that before."

It goes without saying that this puts Washington, New York, and Los Angeles well within reach of the rogue nations that have long had a track record of wishing us harm. And that a system like this would be very valuable not only to "terrorists" and Iran, but also officially-hostile nations like North Korea.

But hey, we've got free ObamaCare, so why worry about being attacked?

I highly recommend you read this book immediately if you want to know the horrific details. Rosenberg has a pretty remarkable track record at predicting this kind of thing.

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#1 captainfish 28-Apr-2010

I saw that and thought the EXACT same thing.  then add the silkworm missile, their new anti-ship cruising missile, new russian anti-aircraft systems... and they are ramping up to .. peace.

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