The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

It's Monday - We Need Some Laughter.

And boy, does Rep Alan Grayson really supply the laughter.  I am stealing this from The Market Ticker - one of Brian's happy sites he visits often to give him his confidence to carry on one more day.

This video is 5 minutes of utter hilarity.  Enjoy the smooth democrat tones of a schizophrenic legislator who believes that unfunding our soldiers is the better way to win a war.


As Denninger puts it:

Alan Grayson wants to give 90% of the money he would "save" through this move to "the people", thereby not actually withdrawing the deficit spending (which we should do), but instead shifting it.

$16 billion of "deficit reduction", so he claims.  But he's not mentioning the $1.6 trillion in deficit that we have.

Cutting $160 billion wouldn't be all that bad of an idea - that would be 10% of the deficit, and might actually matter.  Indeed, it would be what I'd call "a good start."

But 1%?

That's pissing into a hurricane.

Indeed.  But then, don't most "democrats"?


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