The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.


Karate flop.

Yeah, that's Iran's Revolutionary Guard, trying to look all tough again. And yeah, they're kicking an Israeli flag up there—Oooooo, so original. Never seen that one before!

But you know what? No matter how tough Iran thinks they look, I'm still convinced that tiny Israel's gonna come out of this whole mess just fine, my friends. You know why?

I'm getting my T-Shirt here—and so should you! Just think of how mad the Ayatollah will look when he sees you in it!

Update: You too can study the ancient art—Thanks to Izzy for the link!



#1 captainfish 24-May-2010

Was that a Shou-Jew-Lin Monk?


Oh, I think I shed a tear.  I would love to see him meet up with the dancing clowns in the above photos.  Let's see who comes out 1 against 5.

#2 Yiddish Steel 25-May-2010

Why is Ewan MacGregor taking on the role of Rabbi Kickus Tucas?!  I'd say the original  "Jew-Jitsu is today's Krav Maga.  These Revolutionary Retards in Iran would get slaughtered by the Golani Brigade of the IDF.

#3 Izzy 25-May-2010

See the website for Abir Warrior Arts at

#4 captainfish 25-May-2010

Thank you Izzy.

"Abir, as a fighting system of the people of Israel, began with the three patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Abraham was the son of Terah, the warlord of Nimrod (ruler of the kingdom of Babylon); he had a monotheistic revelation and left Babylon for the land of Cana'an. Abraham taught the fighting system he had learned from his father, Abir-Qesheth, to his son Isaac,"

makes sense to me.

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