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ATTACK... of the KILLER Donkeys. ATTACK... of the KILLER Donkeys!

(come on, you got to sing it to the tune of the "Attack of the killer Tomatos")

The dastardly evin zionist-hating, vermin of all vermin heros, uber-technological villains of all lands, .. the Hamas, formerly of Hamas-stan in Michigan (now located in Gaza) seems to have struck at the heart of Israel and its global-reaching emperialistic dictatorial empire.

Are you sitting down?  The carnage and utter terror will make you swoon unless you are prepared.  You ready?  Ok, .. oh, and get your kids out of the room!!   Ok here we go.

Abu Ghassan, spokesman for the terrorist group [A small Syrian-backed terrorist group in Gaza (ED: Hamas??)], said more than 200 kilograms of dynamite were heaped on the animal-drawn cart. He added that the explosives were detonated 60 meters from the concrete security barrier that separates the territory from Israel.

The donkey was killed in the blast, but there were no reports of human casualties. Israeli troops routinely patrol the border, and impoverished Gazans often gather rubble in the area.

Recap:  One animal dead, no human casualties.

Meanwhile under UN's nose.....

Earlier this week, masked gunmen from an Islamist group torched a UN-run summer camp for children and teens in Gaza.

The head of UNRWA in Gaza, John Ging, said the assailants tied up the guard, burned tents and vandalized bathrooms at the campgrounds. UN officials said the attackers left behind three bullets and a note threatening to kill Ging and others unless the UN cancels its activities for some 250,000 Gaza children.


So, what evil zionist-based ploy is the UN conducting that would make these fathers go to these extremes?

Two days before the incident, the previously unknown "The Free of the Homeland" group issued a statement criticizing the camp's organizer, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), for "teaching schoolgirls fitness, dancing and immorality."

.... Fitness..... Dancing...... AND immorality. 

Justified don't you think?  Israel better watch out.  They wouldn't want to piss off these overly-plump frumpy teenage girls who have never seen a teenage boy, let alone themselves in a mirror.

Don't forget to check out the excellent and oscar winning follow-up movie, "The Return of the Killer Tomatos". 

"Now that it is summer all you wanna do is get your **** off!"  Such a
catchy memorable song.  That one song carried me through my tender years to make me the man I am today.  One of George Clooney's finest movies to date.



#1 DMartyr 26-May-2010

So, they blew up their own ass? Now will be the real test for the Israeli - Palestinian casaulty count. If the next report includes 1 donkey, it'll prove beyond doubt Palestinians skew the results.

Hey, where can I get in on one of these "immorality" classes?

#2 captainfish 26-May-2010

DMartyr, have you not heard of the valiant Donkey-o-war?!?

Shame on you.  He gave his life to kill that pile of sand.  He will be honored and missed for his daily sacrifices he gave to the freedom fighters of Gaza.  Do you know how long it took to raise that donkey, all that money to feed and care for him, to care for him and protect him from the stupid suididal nutjobs there?  Many times those nutters came and tried to take him so they could have an easy ride to their own death. NO.  We protected him.  He was loved.

And, after all that time and money, Mr Funky-Tail took it upon himself to honor our service in the plight of freedom.  He broke in to my "mining" closet and took out the "equipment" I used to remove rocks from the sides of mountains.  He did this without my knowledge and without anyone's help.  He was too proud to ask. 

He put that "equipment" in to his own cart and carried that cart for hundreds of miles.  And at the very end, he was tired.  He was lonely.  He was beset with taunters from our enemies calling him a jack-ass.  But, he endured.  He showed them.  Unfortunately, that equipment went off just a bit too early. 

After all, Mr Funky-Tail was not trained to use the equipment properly.  He even forgot his safety glasses.  Poor guy.

Now, don't you feel ashamed of your callous remarks!?!?

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