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Police Chiefs From Around Country, Who've Never Read The AZ Bill, Signal Their Intent To Not Be Re-Elected


What law enforcement officer doesn't want to protect hs citizens?  What police chief INSISTS that keeping illegal border runners and their drugs, gangs, and drug wars from their citizens is not their duty?

Police chiefs from around the country have told Attorney General Eric Holder that Arizona's new immigration law will divert law enforcement resources away from fighting crime.

One participant at the meeting, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, said the Arizona law and similar legislation proposed in other states will actually increase, rather than decrease, crime.

Oh.  That explains it. 

A liberal police chief from a liberal big city who oversees a sanctuary city for illegals claims that protecting citizens from violence and evil-doers is "not his job".

And I love how they keep saying that it takes away time and resources from fighting crime.  HELLO YOU IDIOT RETARD - the only way this new AZ immigration empowerment law would come in to effect is AFTER... AFTER you have stopped a person during the course of fighting crime.

Officers are not supposed to care who the person is when they are fighting crime.  Only after having fought the crime, you can... CAN.... (get that... CAN!!!!) then seek to determine the residency status of the person you have stopped from committing the original crime.   If the officer choose not to, then the officer does not have to ask. 

However, if the person stopped from committing a crime during the course of the officer's crime fighting does not have any identification andor can not speak a lick of English, then it might make the officer think of, perhaps even to wonder, if the person that was stopped is in this country illegally.

In an hourlong, closed-door meeting with Holder, the chiefs have said that being forced to determine whether a person is in the United States illegally will break down the trust that police have built with communities.

So....... these police chiefs have a better trust with illegals than they do with their own citizens that they are tasked by law to protect???

This is a bogus argument and has been shown as such time and time again. 


Current laws don't keep you from talking to and making deals with certain street-contacts now, do they?  Then this law won't either you pathetic moron! 

Could it be that this LA Chief is just worried he may be fired after his constituents find out that he has been ignoring his own state's laws about questioning people about their legal status?



#1 Rob Miller 27-May-2010
Hi,While I certainly agree with your sentiments,( illegal aliens cooperate with law enforcement!) most of the police chiefs involved are not 'elected' but, like the L.A.P.D's Charlie Beck nominated by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.In Los Angeles, that means fully supporting the city's sanctuary city policy ( AKA as Special order 40 there).These guys are risking nothing and merely doing their bosses' bidding.Regards,Rob
#2 MVH 29-May-2010

Plus Ole Chief Charley has the blessing [sic?] straight from HizEminence at the Taj Mahoney/Rog Mahal. Who by his own admission is an expert on inmigracíon, don't ya know:

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