The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Terrorist Funnies #4

Better late than never, I guess.  Sorry about that.  But, here we go.

..and the prison crowd goes wild for the giant Dutch wind-up cuckoo clock. If you are werwy, werwy quiet, we might be able to see the rabbit as it travels across on its track as the clock strikes on the hour....

Ahhh, there he is.  Isn't that chair cute.  Watch how it spins and goes through the other door.


Is this the Sad Barber Shop Training Academy?  (You'd think they'd be happy to hear from their religious leader)


(blurry guy in background) "SALLY!!  Is that you?!  Where is your Hijab, WOMAN!"


Salman Rushdie?... Is that you!?!?


Oh wow... way too much dope tonight.  COLORS!!!


Salman, you keep sticking your head out like that and you will be found.
Ummm, does that drawing not have a head?!?!


"He dropped his bisquit."  "You pick it up."  "I'm not going to pick it up."  "You get it."


Ok, Salman, we can't protect you if you don't stay hidden.  You're gonna get found.


Ok, not bad.  Notice the camera and then turn away.  Good.  Good start.  But you can do better.


Ok, that's better Rushdie.  Use the cover around you.  Blend.  Blend.  Dodge and Weave my friend.


NONONONO NO NO.  You fell for the "Well, look at this!" gag.  Ok, bub, you are on your own.  Have a great life.


SEE, told ya.  HE'S PULLIN' A GUN!!!  Lookout Salman!!!  He's going for ya.


After Salman Rushdie's assassination, Khamenei enjoys a good laugh.  Rushdie's bodyguard and lover looks for revenge.


What's this... No Official Iranian Salute Guy present??!  Woh.  Has he been fired?  Replaced by Johnny Cash clone?


Seriously.  Where are you?  Did you get left at home????


OH, there you are! .. wait, wait.. I was joking.. AAAAHAHHHHHHHHHRRRRRGGGHHHHrglrglrgl


"Ok, aim for the middle of the cloud.  We think that is its central nervous system."


ummmmmmmmmmmmm.  ok?


"I said go for the heart. NOT the mouth.  NOT THE MOUTH!!"


Now that is just nasty.  Just stop.  GUYS!!  I said STOP!


Happy Terrorists on Vacation.  

Ahhhh.. memories.


And, finally, the original terrorists tries to go mainstream


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