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OCP Destroying Old Detroit City

Well, that's what I heard anyway.  Time for a new Change.  Time for a new Vision with new Hope.

Wrecking crews are preparing to tear down a landmark 5,000-square-foot house in the posh neighborhood of Palmer Woods in the coming weeks, a sign that Detroit is finally getting serious about razing thousands of vacant and abandoned structures across the city.

Detroit is finally chipping away at a glut of abandoned homes that has been piling up for decades, and intends to take advantage of warm weather and new federal funding to demolish some 3,000 buildings by the end of September.

Mayor Dave Bing has pledged to knock down 10,000 structures in his first term as part of a nascent plan to "right-size" Detroit, or reconfigure the city to reflect its shrinking population.

Where is Alex Murphy when you need him?  For those in favor of this, just wait till ED-209 walks down the street.  See who's laughing then!

(Actually, I say it is about time.  People were actually not wanting to do this because it would cost to much.  Heck, what is another few hundred million when you are in the hole a few billions)



#1 Izzy 17-May-2010

But who is the new Dick Jones?

#2 captainfish 18-May-2010

This time, it would probably be the mayor.   You see, the police force has yet to go private and this mayor is still in charge of his police force..... well, and the gangs.   So, even more proof the new Dick Jones is the mayor.

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