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ObamaUSA: The New Robber-Barons: "Give Us Your Land Or Else!!"

“We have a buyer holding a gun to our head saying you have to sell or else.’’

Third-generation land owner, Clement Rainville who bought their land in 1946, has been told to sell their land for cheap or else the federal government will TAKE IT WITH EMINENT DOMAIN!!

This is an outrage.  This is a travesty of justice, of government, of private property rights and of our nation's Constitution!  This must not be allowed.  This must not be allowed to stand. 

Have we become like China or the USSR where the government did just about anything it wanted to with us and the people's property?!?!  Is there anything to stop this?!?!

Why are they willing to take this man's land that is located in no-man's land between USA and Canada when they won't do a blamed DAMNED thing on our southern border despite murders, kidnappings and cross border drug wars?!!?

Please read on... Here is the set up for this story...

The red brick house sits unassumingly on a sleepy back road where the lush farmlands of northern Vermont roll quietly into Canada. This is the Morses Line border crossing, a point of entry into the United States where more than three cars an hour constitute heavy traffic.

The bucolic setting of silos and sugar maples has become the focus of a bitter dispute that pits one of America’s most revered traditions — the family-owned farm — against the post-9/11 reality of terror attacks on US soil.

The Department of Homeland Security sees Morses Line as a weak link in the nation’s borders, attractive to terrorists trying to smuggle in lethal materials. The government is planning an estimated $8 million renovation here as part of a nationwide effort to secure border crossings.

It intends to acquire 4.9 acres of border land on a dairy farm owned for three generations by the Rainville family. Last month, the Rainvilles learned that if they refuse to sell the land for $39,500, the government intends to seize it by eminent domain.

The Federal Government will steal this family's farm should he refuse to sell at the stealing-price of $39,500 for 5 of his acres.  But gee, maybe he shouldn't fight the "man" and just learn to conversate and have a dialogue with the buyers.

[Marco A. Lopez, spokesman for US Customs and Border Protection] said the government has been cooperating with the Rainvilles, and responded to their concerns by scaling back an earlier plan to use 10 acres of the farm.


The federal government responded to the family's concern that their land was being stolen by saying, "oh, ok.  We'll just take 5 of those 10 acre.  See how generous we are?"

How is that "cooperation"?

Why does this back-water sleepy-little out-of-the-way piece of land need $8 million dollars to "upgrade" their border crossing.  Give me $8 million and I'll buy a $2,000 shed.  Heck, I may even splurge and buy a $40,000 manufactured home. I would even pay to have it wired for heat.  What's that, maybe another $20,000?!? (assuming there is no electricity in the area)

Note, they already said that they may see 3 cars in an hour cross.  The port saw only a bit over 14,000 cars in 2009.  But, note this as well:

“The whole thing is a perfect example of waste,’’ said Glen Gurwit of Swanton, a customs inspector for 31 years who frequently worked at Morses Line before retiring in 2004. He said the port is used mostly by locals crossing to visit relatives, play hockey, or shop, and is notable for its “peace, quiet, and isolation.’’

We used to spend hours watching deer graze,’’ he said.
The Rainvilles suggest that the Morses Line port, where only 14,811 vehicles crossed in 2009 [ED: That's 41 vehicles/day or <2/hour avg), could be shut down altogether. They say the stimulus money would be better spent upgrading the busy Highgate Springs port 11 miles to the west, where Interstate 89 connects with a Canadian route to Montreal. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles cross there each year.

So, they are going to spend $8 million dollars stealing this family's farm to upgrade this out of the way, unused border crossing station that is mainly used by the locals to visit relatives.

And yet, nothing is done on our southern border fence.  Nothing is done to stop people from crossing our border where we know illegals and terrorists are crossing on our southern border.  Yet nothing is done to stop drugs, guns, and border wars from expanding across our southen border.  Yet nothing is being done to protect American citizens and property owners who live on our southern border from these dangers.  Yet nothing is being done to protect us from the unannounced, but ongoing, war upon our southern soils.

This has got to be the greatest travesty upon our peoples than when we found out certain members of our own populace betrayed us to our enemies during times of war.

We are being betrayed folks.  This is nothing but a greedy land grab by a government-run Robber-Baron!!!

This is a travesty.  This is a betrayal of us, of our nation's laws and our Constitution. 

Oh, but don't worry, Napolitano has the family's back in all of this.  I mean, come on, Leaky Leahy does.

US Senator Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat who supports the family, raised the idea of closing the Morses Line port with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano last month. Napolitano promised to hold a public hearing Saturday in Franklin, Vt., the town that includes Morses Line.

Lopez said the government has already hired a contractor...

Ahhhhhh.  So, the government will go to the people to see if the people want to force these land-owners to sell.  How quaint.  If the land-owners don't want to sell then, then they will be forced off of their land. 

Oh, and you know the Feds have their best interest at heart.  They've already hired the contractor to tear down their farm and fields.

“All options are on the table,’’ he said. “If the community and the state and whatever disagree with us, we will talk to Canada about closing the border.’’


Here's an amazing idea.  Instead of keeping a low-volume, too-old border crossing open and spend MILLIONS to "upgrade" and harassing long-term land-owners to get out or else... why not just CLOSE THAT BORDER CROSSING!!!!

Defend your people Pres Obama and quit harassing them and killing them without due justice.

Let Sen Leahy know that this is not something that you will stand for.  Tell him to take a stronger stand for his citizens.

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