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Reader Query: What's the Frequency, Reader?

I know there's only 2 or 3 of you left out there, but since that means the server's as un-stressed as it's ever been, I guess it's about time I asked: How has the performance of this site been for y'all lately?

I've seen occasional issues where Chrome refuses to load pages, and captainfish has reported seeing the same in Firefox. Is this something that you see happen regularly?

Otherwise, I'm exploring a couple of redesigns to make the site a little bit easier to read, and to get rid of some of the stuff around here we never use. At this point, I'm not really crazy about this design, and while I definitely like Drupal, I've been more than disappointed with its performance, given the fact that it's an "enterprise" content management suite.

Speaking of technical wonkiness, I'm also working on the backend to rebuild a more optimized VM and potentially migrate everything over to that if it works out as well as I hope.

Lots of fun stuff to come around here, I hope. With any luck, both of you will stick around to see it!

Brian "Washed Up" L. 



#1 Donkeyrock 18-May-2010

Zzzzzz *snort* huh? wha?

The couple times I've been here have been fine. Load time isn't crazy fast, but it's not out of bounds. Using Firefox.

Now quit making noise, it's sleepy time. :>

Oh, and switch to Wordpress, you nerd.

#2 Steven C. 18-May-2010
Took me 17 seconds just now (Firefox).The best trick might be to make sure the necessary page caching stuff is enabled in Drupal. Currently the Expires: HTTP header for this page is deliberately set to a date in the past so it will never be cached, but I think Drupal lets you fix that.If pages were set up to be cached, maybe then put a caching reverse proxy (eg. varnish, nginx, squid) in front of the webserver to serve cached, static copies of pages, images, scripts, stylesheets etc. where possible. Only when a page's cache entry expires (or a new page is created) would a query have to go through to the slower, more complex backend of Apache+PHP+database.If any of that even makes sense to you I'd say you're halfway there already.
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 18-May-2010


I've made some improvements to the Apache cache settings, and that seems to have reduced the pageload time to about 400ms (and even faster after first load). The only side effect is that comments may take up to 5 minutes to show up, but I think that's a small price to pay for improved speed. Maybe.

Let me know if this makes things run a little bit more smoothly!


#4 Peter 18-May-2010

No problem for me using Chrome, running Windows 7.

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