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Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Pakistan Rages Against the Facebook Machine

Techno rage.

Back in Snapped Shot's glory days, this would've been a lengthy post of amusing photos. Since we're well past our prime, and I just happened to have some iStockPhoto credits that were about to expire, the above legally-licensed image is pretty much all you're gonna get from me.

Robert Spencer, on the other hand, has the real scoop, in a fashion very similar to what we used to do. Except with more actual information, so be sure to go and read what he has to say. And those Jawa guys, too.

So, to conclude Snapped Shot's take on things—If you enjoy causing Pakistan to fly into a rage, and are a member of Facebook, I highly recommend joining this group.



#1 Brian C. Ledbetter 19-May-2010

Aww heck, I will say: Here are my favorite pics from today's festivities.

New Jersey wannabes.

It's all a CONSPIRACY man!

Rage Boy in Training.

No, it doesn't say "TICKLE" those who insult Mohammed. That's The Religion Of Peace for ya.

The Eyes have it!

Looks like an average day at Walmart.

DRAW MUHAMMAD, STUDENTS? I'll get right on it!

You're looking at Snapped Shot's next logo.

Who doesn't love a little bit of filth? Oh wait, you mean she WASN'T referring to Hollywood?

There goes that stupid coward activity again.

Don't let me stop you from sacrificing on your beloved holy prophet. Just do it on your own time, slackers!

Okay, this last one's totally unrelated to Facebook, but the first one of you scoundrels who makes sense of this mess...

See what fun and excitement I miss when I'm NOT always watching the all-seeing eye? Nuts.

#2 donkeyrock 20-May-2010
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