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Let's Do Some Comparing And Contrasting

So, it has been a month now since the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded from a very large plume of natural gas.  And the media have been constantly hyping up the coming apocolypse of the Gulf's ecosystem and seafood industry.  Yet, what have we really seen?

No one can seem to find the oil.  But that doesn't stop the media and local governments from over-reacting to even the slightest bit of oil found on beaches.  They have even pounced on balls of oil found on some beaches as their evidence for the coming Gulf catastrophe.  However, that oil turned out to not be from this leak of interest. 

Up first for our comparison, I link to this photo that has been making the news rounds.

Beach goers look at oil that has washed onto a beach in Grand Isle, La. , Thursday, May 20, 2010. Oil from last month's Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico has started drifting ashore along the Louisiana coast.

And, this is related to this story. Lousiana is closing their beaches while Miami starts to freak.

(Hey Brian, how many photogs do you count in this link's photo?  BTW, anyone want to take a stab at how effective a rake is in cleaning up oil?)

But, I digress.  Looking at the photo in the first link, how many blobs of oil do you see?  How widespread does it appear to be?  This is a month, A MONTH after the leak erupted.

Now, contrast this "impact" with what we know of the impacts from the Exxon Valdez leak from just the ship.  The link is to a series of google images related to oil on alaska beaches.  Notice how the oil is EVERYWHERE.

Has Alaska recovered?  Has the ecosystem collapsed?

Exit question:  If oil leaks naturally at a far greater rate than what we consume, how has the world survived this long?  I mean, if oil leaks naturally over everything and if oil is so dangerous to the ecosystems where it pollutes, then how has our world been able to survive?


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