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Racial Profiling Is Evil....Depending On The Politics Of The Bill's Authors

How often of late have we heard that racial profiling of people based on skin color, of sex, or of ... whatever?

Haven't we heard that same about the Arizona SB1070 Immigration Bill?  Haven't we heard the same of most any bill that attempts to place limitations upon those who are in the US illegally?

But, it seem that it would depend upon the political ideology of those passing the laws on whether or not the liberals and MSMMFM whip up the sheeples.  Or if it is completely ignored.

Currently we have many thousands of people protesting the "new", "never-before-passed", first-of-its-kind law that seeks to assist ICE with its immigration enforcement duties.  It also finally made being illegal in the state of Arizona.... well, .. illegal. 

The media is up in arms, gleefully, hyping the erronius suggestion that SB1070 promotes, even requires, racial profiling.  But, if it does, so what!?!?  If a old white woman was suspected of being a serial robber, who would you want the police officers looking out for?  Young, black men?

Even Pres Obama is foaming anger, marches and boycotts against Arizona.  The president of the United States is actively baiting people to rise up in anger against a state due to that state's congress passing a law that its own people have passed.

However, it would seem that it would depend upon that state's political leaning, their ideology, their ... political badging.

Recall that California has written within its penal code a set of instructions that actually requires local police officers to enquire of a detained person's citizenship status.  Yet, have you heard about that on the local or national news?  Have you heard anything about marches or anything on the streets of California against California's "racist" or "profiling" police officers?

California is undoubtedly liberal.  While there are certain parts of California that are more conservative than others, it is much overwhelmed by the vast number of elected liberals controlling that state.

Have you heard anything about this new bill that has passed California's assembly?  According to Michelle Malkin:

The latest attempt to circumvent the [Proposition 209 law that bans racial preferences] came yesterday, as the California Assembly passed a bill that would allow the (taxpayer-supported) University of California and California State University systems to consider skin color in admissions. (Source)

The lawmaker who introduced the bill that would violate state law believes racial preferences are needed to deal with the “education gap” between the races. But racial preferences almost always entail lowered standards.  Admitting minority students with lower scores than whites and Asians highlights the disparities. It might help the diversity-obsessed sleep better at night, but preferences don’t narrow the achievement gap, and they place students in academic settings for which they’re unprepared.

Again, it would seem that it would depend upon WHO or WHAT party enacts racial profilingpreference laws if liberals in this world or the world's media throw fits.

If conservative Arizona passes a law - it must be evil, bad, and racist.  If liberal California passes even more blatant laws, then you won't even hear crickets chirping from the massive silence.


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