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Terrorist Funnies #5

Come one, come all.  It is time once again for the...


This week starts off a question:


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Ok.  What is really going on with this image?  This is just freaky.




Wonder how they can create nukes when they can't even make proper shovels.  They are still making glass by hand and making shovels like swiss cheese.


This just seems like torture instead of a wonderous skill learning exercise.


You know Pres Obama has to be really, really jealous.  Maybe that is why he spends so much time gloating over dictators?


Or maybe they are trying to emulate the intolerant, bigoted way of Iran.  Dunno, ask Helen Thomas.


Time for your daily state-sponsored brain-washing, kid.  Now, look happy about it.  Or else.


Yeah, this looks like the happy religion.  These guys don't look like they would understand your personal needs.


And, they understand the needs of their sheep well.   REALLY, really well.


So much so that the herders are paranoid and have to hide.

They put the sheep in tents and they live in caves?!?!


They are all in one place now.  Quick, launch the Minutemen.


I wonder how far in life you can go if you are always stuck looking at someone else's behind.


This is the place liberals love?  The place liberals tolerate?  A place of segregation, intolerance, seperation and bigotry.  Yet, these people are perfectly OK to have nukes?!?!?


45.  B-45.  Does anyone have B-45!!?!?


Oh yeah.  Gimme some nukie.  mm mm mm.  Oh yes you are my precious. 
(Hey, look.  It's Salmon Rushdie again!!)


You think he notices everyone blowing him kisses.  He must be very loved.  Wait.  Is that the Official Iranian Salute Guy?!?!  Did he get fired?  Demoted?  Guess he didn't bend over enough to please Lil' Achmed.


OH LORDY!!  I think I'm starting to succumb to the brainwashing.  Everything's getting .... swirly!  I ... must....  ... obey.   Must... faceplant.  



#1 Yiddish Steel 07-Jun-2010

Where's Salute Guy?!

#2 captainfish 07-Jun-2010

Yeah, he's been absent for a while.  That's why I think he got demoted to a "green" job.  Those are the only paying jobs now, dontchaknow.

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