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A Case of Complicit Cropping?

That which is left unsaid. Or un-viewed, as the case may be.

Reuters has published photos released by the Free Gaza flotilla showing the Israeli commandos who were captured by the "peace" activists. Like this one.

Pro-Palestinian activists hold down an Israeli commando on the Gaza-bound Turkish ship Mavi Marmara in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea early May 31, 2010. Israeli marines stormed the Turkish aid ship bound for Gaza on Monday and nine pro-Palestinian activists were killed, triggering a diplomatic crisis and an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council. Picture taken May 31, 2010.

Imagine my surprise to learn that the photographs were "accidentally" selectively edited to remove evidence of weapons before being published on the wire service. I've taken the liberty of overlaying the cropped image onto the original (while simultaneously maintaining the family-friendliness of this site) to illustrate this "accidental" edit for you.

One wonders why Reuters would go through such trouble to edit out a lethal weapon, while simultaneously leaving all of the grisly details of the commando's plight intact (which I have subsequently edited out, of course!)

It certainly begs an explanation, which I'm sure we'll get in six months or so.

Charles Johnson at LGF and the Elder of Ziyon appear to have had the story sometime around the same time—My hat's off to both of them for doing the work that this blog can't be bothered to do any more!

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