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Pwning Protesters 101 brings us (via our good friend Aussie Dave) a mirthful story of a peace protest in Israel that was, shall we say, "exploited" by an unknown group.

To make a long story short, if you bring a bunch of recent immigrants to a rally and hand them signs, this is the hilarious result:

Unnecessarily cruel?

Maybe—But I'm betting you laughed nonetheless. My hat's off to you, Mr. Unnamed Protest Pwner.

Feel free to browse through the rest of the series over here—With a precursory foul language alert, naturally.



#1 captainfish 07-Jun-2010

now that's just too funny.  I wonder what they were told the signs said.

#2 Son of Liberty 07-Jun-2010

This is not a photoshop is it?

#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 07-Jun-2010

It is not—The image you see above was a crop of this photo, which had some less-than-family-friendly text I didn't wish to repeat here.

(Judging by the rest of the series, I don't think there's any chance that the signs have been forged.)

#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 07-Jun-2010

Latma is reporting on this protest as well—Some (if not all) of the people pictured carrying the Rotter signs were counter-protesters who infiltrated the rally. They did apparently manage to walk around for a while before someone who actually understood the signs gave them the boot - if I'm reading the reports correctly.

I still say my explanation above is funnier, but what can ya do?

#5 Son of Liberty 07-Jun-2010

That's what I thought. Love the cops/soldiers chuckling at the last picture.

#6 captainfish 07-Jun-2010



#7 Geralt 08-Jun-2010

I was one of the organizers and participators of this infiltration.
Couple of clarifications: We are all Russian-speaking and not-so-new immigrants (15-20 years in Israel). And we have created the posters ourselves, so we totally know what they say!

Here's a good explanation of the whole event in our words:

And here is the full photo album:


#8 Brian C. Ledbetter 08-Jun-2010


Thanks for sharing that -- I just ran across a LiveJournal page describing the same thing, and was in the middle of writing it up right as we speak!

I corrected my initial take on the protest in one of the comments above—My apologies for the initial misunderstanding! All I can say is my hat's off to you guys for a JOB WELL DONE!


#9 captainfish 08-Jun-2010

Well done.  Well done.

My question though was based on the misunderstanding that someone handed out the posters to just someone in the crowd - and if the person holding the poster was told something that it was supposed to say.

But, knowing that you created and carried the posters is even better.  Congrats guys!!!  Keep it up.

But, I would like to amend my question.  How many of the stupid-idiot-lefties around you understood what your signs said and did any throw a fit?

#10 Geralt 09-Jun-2010


This will answer all your questions:

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