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The Associated Press Pushes Dictatorship

In a world inhabited by a truly freedom-loving press, one would imagine that the media would be interested in doing actual investigative journalism—Yes, the very underground, very risky sort. Breaking beyond the Syrian regime's façade and doing the legwork to find out what the population of Syria actually thinks of their affairs.

Sadly, that vision of an independent press couldn't be further from the truth. But hey, I'm sure the Syrian public is absolutely delighted to know the Associated Press stands so firmly on the side of dictatorship:

In this photo taken Thursday, May 13, 2010, veiled women walk past a billboard displaying trendy clothes in Damascus, Syria. Opening up a country economically while denying the populace democracy and freedom is the most popular formula of governance in the Arab world. The formula is not entirely free of risk since free market economy often makes political reform the next logical step, but Syrian President Bashar Assad has successfully resisted and it seems to work for him. (AP Photo/Ola Rifai)

Be sure to revel in the rest of this groundbreaking exercise in reprinting official SANA press releases unquestioned.

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