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Shocka: Carter Condemns Israeli Actions Against Antagonist Gaza-Bound Ships

I tell ya, I am shocked.  Completely shocked by this.

Oh, no, I am not shocked by the international outcry against Israel defending its borders once again.  I am not even shocked by our current Socialist government coming out to support the UN's anti-Israel position. 

What really shocks me is former US president Jimmy Carter coming out against Israel. 

Man, talk about coming out of left field.  (snicker)  But seriously, I am shocked at our administration once again laying blame and pointing fingers before any real facts were known.  At least they are being consistent. 

However, there is some evidence out there.  But, if you were watching CNN or MSNBC you wouldn't know it.

Anyway, I digress.  What did pro-Israelpro-American Jimmy Carter say that once again shamed our nation?

Former President Jimmy Carter has condemned a deadly Israeli raid on a flotilla of aid ships on its way to Gaza.

In a statement Wednesday, Carter calls on the International Quartet, led by the U.S., to help end the closure of Gaza, and allow unification of Palestinians.

The Carter Center, a nonprofit started by him and his wife, says in the statement that it joins the U.N. Security Council in calling for a prompt, independent investigation into Monday's raid. Nine pro-Palestinian activists were killed.

Yes.  Once again we see this flake of a liberal commie coming out on the side of our enemies and our allies' (not this admin's unfortunately) enemies.  Once again we see him pushing the unsafe intolerant agenda that upholds that Israel is not a nation that can defend itself and keep the lands it wins in wartime.

Never before in history has the treatment Israel is receiving been inflicted upon any other nation.  No other nation in history was expected to give up hard-won lands to the losers in the battle.  Never before were concessions expected from Allies to placate enemies.

Except little bitty old Israel.  Why?  Because they are Jews.  Because they are the chosen of GOD.

Proof in this instance is that these flotilla aid ships contain very little in the way of aid but mostly of anti-Israeli activists.

Proof is that these people wanted to cause conflict with Israel if not cause murder and mayhem of Israeli soldiers.  This flotilla was in association with The Muslim Brotherhood with some members proudly proclaiming death to Israel before setting sail.

These members were attacking Israeli soldiers long before they were able to get on board with anything they could find including guns, knives, metal bars, chains, fire bombs, stun grenades and even plates

They even prepared aggressively for Israel's arrival with ill-intent on their minds.  These were not innocent civilians seeking to bring TONS of aid to starving enslaved masses.

And to prove this has nothing to do with Gaza's need, one only has to look at Gaza.  Hamas has refused to accept the limited aid that Israel took off these ships that Israel raided.

In fact, there is no real "seige" of Gaza by Israel.  More in fact, the seige of Gaza is imposed by Hamas themselves upon its own citizens.  Israel is trying to do what it can to depose and overthrow Hamas despite the UN's acceptance of Hamas as legitimate.  The citizens are not having problems doing without.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called the international criers "hypocrites" saying that they would do the exact same thing to protect their own citizens.  Want to talk of hypocrisy, a Turkish pilot told his Israeli co-pilot to get off of his plane because, as the pilot stated, "you kill children, I don't want you on my plane."

Heck, even Turkey itself, a growing Islamic nation, knows that the IHH organization running these ships are not trustworthy and support terror.

Could Britain be Israel's strongest ally now?  Now that the US has turned tail?  (For those Bible believes out there, better watch out for some natural or economic disasters this year from our administration's actions)

But, far be it from Jimmy Carter to stop and see the facts and to stand by our allies.  His only intent and purpose is to destroy Israel in favor of terrorists.  Carter must love terrorists. 

(yeah, I know.  that was an understatement)


(mucho H/T to Elder of Ziyon)


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