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Patronization Illustrated

Royalty in his own mind.

There could not possibly be a more apt example of how tone-deaf this Administration is than the photograph above. Rather than releasing a photograph showing a more cordial scene, the White House Press Office chooses this atrocity, in which Jan Brewer's apparent appeasement is combined with Barack Obama's traditional condescending lecture from his self-exalted position.

It goes without saying that a Republican president would have been hounded for publishing such an insulting picture—but coming from this White House, it's mere par for the course.

Is it really too much for the White House to publish photos that compliment their guests, as we often do in polite society?

Apparently, the answer is "yes, peon."

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President Barack Obama meets with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer in the Oval Office, June 3, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)



#1 captainfish 03-Jun-2010

To me, it looks like the honorable Gov Jan Brewer just can seem to fathom how this idiotic, pathetic, spiteful person ever got elected to office.  She can even barely believe that those words are coming out of his mouth.

Maybe it is because he is not American.

it just looks like to me that she is thinking, "Are you a complete idiot or do you just like playing one?"

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