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Another Cost-Cutting Success

One of the hallmarks of government programs around the world is the inevitability of exploding budgets. Every program starts with fantastic intentions and plenty of money, but as time goes on, the levels and levels and stacks and layers of middle managers add multiples to the cost of the program.

Once government programs reach this stage, and the government learns that the budget hole is now way too large to paper over, we enter the second stage of government programs: Extreme cost-cutting.

You know what the best part of this process is? No matter how good the politicians in charge make this sound, almost all of the useless bureaucracy will survive the "massive cuts" completely intact.

That's right—Not a middle manager purged, nor a redundant department deleted!

As Britain's National Health Service illustrates once again, it is you, the taxpayer who will ultimately bear the brunt of it:

Millions of patients face losing NHS care as bosses prepare to axe treatments to make £20billion of savings by 2014, a top doctor has warned.

Among procedures being targeted by health trusts are hernias, joint replacements, ear and nose procedures, varicose veins and cataract surgery.

Dr Mark Porter, chairman of the British Medical Association's consultants committee, warned NHS bosses wanted 'wholesale reductions in budgets'.

Losing access to the services YOU paid for? That's Socialism for ya!

Sure, you might be mad for a moment, but at least all of the beancounters are accounted for. And what could possibly be more productive than that?

Boy howdy, I sure can't wait until the super smart geniuses that know everything in the world bring the rest of this crap over here!


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