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Obama A La Raza and Mexica Movement Lobbyist?

When Obama spoke to Mexico's Calderon outside the White House on May 19, 2010, some of his words struck a few of my chords.  And now Digger at Digger's Realm has connected the dots within my mind.

So, what do these words of Obama ...

“Finally Mr President, your visit speaks to a truth of our time, in North America and the world.  In the twenty-first century we are defined not by our borders, but by
our bonds.  So I say to you and the Mexican people, let us stand together.  Let us face the future together.”

...have to do with groups the likes of La Raza and the Mexica Movement?


I am stealing a few of the pictures that Digger has on his post only to help highlight his excellent findings and the tie-in I am attempting to illustrate with Obama.

While Obama and his fellow liberal socialists in Congress speaks and pushes for the abandonement of our national borders and security, movements such as La Raza, Mexica Movement, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

While Obama is publicly advocating for the amnesty of illegals and the removal of borders, isn't it ironic that these same groups are demanding the exact same policies? 

How fortunate for them they have the perfect lobbyiest in the guise as president.

Don't you think it is a odd that Socialists, pro-illegal groups, AND the White House are all saying the same thing? 

They all want to eliminate the need for borders and to give illegals free reign within this country.  And, Obama is their lead lobbyist to get their plans implemented.

Don't you think it is ironic that all the laws we have fought to keep, this administration and all Socialists groups are opposed?  Don't you think it is ironic that all our allies that we fought hard to keep are being turned away by this administration and in full support by Socialist groups?

And, of course, it goes without saying, these groups have the MSMMFM on their side.  Can you imagine the damage that can be done when a country's ruling power has the media as their loyal mouthpiece?  Blindly repeating and spewing whatever Obama claims.  Eagerly attacking and demonizing whoever Obama wishes to villify.

Go read Digger's post and see the rest of the pictures he has up of this pro-illegal, pro-socialist, anti-American protest.


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