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Women's Rights

WOOT: Allahkchew (a/k/a StableHand) is officially handing out fatwas to the best entries submitted—so be sure to get yours entered today!

UPDATE: Congratulations to all of the contest winners announced here!

Inspired by this Jawa post, a more accurate advertisement.

Yeah, it's low-hanging obvious fruit. I'm lazy!

Feel free to fill in your own ad designs down in the comments. Here's a handy-dandy template to make it all the easier!

UPDATE [DMartyr]: Images in comments may not be safe for work! (Brian - this photoshop contest was TOO easy, though not all that pleasant!)

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#1 DMartyr 17-Jun-2010

#2 DMartyr 17-Jun-2010

#3 DMartyr 17-Jun-2010

#4 DMartyr 17-Jun-2010
#5 DMartyr 17-Jun-2010

#6 Brian C. Ledbetter 17-Jun-2010

Geez, you sure know how to take the fun outta the contest, DM...

(If this contest goes mainstream, I'll probably have to nuke this one. No offense intended, but it's a bit... much.)

#7 AmerikeeSD 17-Jun-2010

great idea you've got here.......

#8 Leovinus 17-Jun-2010

Here's mine.

#9 Brian C. Ledbetter 17-Jun-2010

D'oh—It didn't come through, Leo.

If anyone's having problems with the system, please feel free to e-mail your submissions to me directly. I'll make sure they get posted here exactly the way you intended!

[email protected]

#10 Brian C. Ledbetter 17-Jun-2010

That's it—I'm leaving no easily-unturned rock alone:

#11 OxyCon 17-Jun-2010

"It doesn't hurt as bad as it looks. Plus I deserved it!"

#12 Rhymes With Right 17-Jun-2010


My humble entry --

#13 mrclark 17-Jun-2010

Here you go...

#14 forest 17-Jun-2010

Wow.  You guys aren't pulling any punches. 

I'm leaning toward the child bride one so far.  The nice tidy connection to Muhammad is too good.

#15 Brian C. Ledbetter 17-Jun-2010

Okay now THAT'S funny. Good one!

#16 Total 17-Jun-2010

#17 Rhymes With Right 17-Jun-2010

* * * NSFW IMAGE * * *

Anotehr for your consideration.



#18 Rhymes With Right 17-Jun-2010

Female terrorists


And one more.

#19 Brian C. Ledbetter 17-Jun-2010

I had to go back and flag a couple of these images as NSFW—I appreciate the effort, but am trying to run a relatively family-friendly site here, y'all. Hope you don't mind! :)

#20 Rhymes With Right 17-Jun-2010

Yeah, a bit graphic -- but sadly, a part of that wonderful faith.  Cutting on a little girl's orivates with a razor blade ought to be seen as offensive.

#21 Brian C. Ledbetter 17-Jun-2010

And it most certainly is an obscene act—which is why I didn't delete your comment outright. I'm just trying to keep the site somewhat clean over here. :)

#22 Rhymes With Right 17-Jun-2010

And I will always defer to a fellow member of the Watcher's Council on such judgments on their own site.  I recognized that I was pushing a line with that particular image, and I would have understod if it had been deleted as too graphic.

#23 DMartyr 17-Jun-2010

Try and stop me!!!

I've linked THIS * * * NSFW IMAGE * * * in case its not safe for work. Brian can decide whether to show it.

These are a few others:




#24 DMartyr 17-Jun-2010

#25 DMartyr 17-Jun-2010


#26 DMartyr 17-Jun-2010

(Hat Tip to The Ineffectual Bun in Jawa Report comments for the idea)

#27 DMartyr 17-Jun-2010

Sorry, Brian, just trying to capture the true nature of islam...

I'll be more careful in the future!

#28 mr_bill 18-Jun-2010

Muslim bikini

#29 mr_bill 18-Jun-2010


#30 Brian C. Ledbetter 18-Jun-2010

HAHAHAHAHAHAH! You get an A+ on that one, DM!

#31 DMartyr 18-Jun-2010
#32 Leovinus 18-Jun-2010

If anybody ever neede to wear a burqa. It's her.

#33 Leovinus 18-Jun-2010

One more. Hope it makes it through this time.

#34 forest 18-Jun-2010

I thought your were flagging the really brutal images ;)

#35 DMartyr 19-Jun-2010
#36 fasternu426 20-Jun-2010

Trunk Monkeys!

#37 fasternu426 20-Jun-2010

Ring Wraiths

#38 fasternu426 20-Jun-2010


#39 fasternu426 20-Jun-2010

Safe for the kiddies too!!!

#40 fasternu426 20-Jun-2010

Bathing Beauty.

#41 DMartyr 20-Jun-2010

Look at the hand of the woman in the burka... That's the guy's blowup doll! He's using it for a flotation device!

(You know muhammadans love anything that blowsup!)

#42 DMartyr 20-Jun-2010

fasternu426 -

I deleted your last one. Brian is linking the NSFW images rather than displaying them. Also, it has already been submitted by "Rhymes With Right" (its one of the NSFW links) which is why I didn't link it.

Sorry, but keep the new ones coming! :)

#43 fasternu426 20-Jun-2010

That's cool, I wasn't sure if I should sent that one anyway. There was another that had a beheading and I really thought that one was too much. The whole religion is not famliy friendly, hard to find a good thing that doesn't involve subjugating someone, chopping off body parts or blowing them to smithereens.

#44 Bert 21-Jun-2010

Here's my contribution.

#45 Leovinus 21-Jun-2010

LOL! Well done!

#46 DMartyr 21-Jun-2010

I even made a beheading one - the little Christian school girl beheaded by muslims - but Brian (understandably) took it down and linked it instead.

I agree, its tough to find family friendly images that epitomizes the cult of islam. There just aren't many out there.

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