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Awesome: Israeli Students to Counter-Flotilla!

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Some enterprising Israeli students have finally figured out a way to return Turkey's cute little favor from last week:—They will launch a counter-flotilla to distribute aid to two ethnic groups that have been, let's just say, "slightly" more oppressed than the poor Palestinians of Gaza:

Israeli students are planning a "peace flotilla" to Turkey with humanitarian aid for nations who suffered under Turkish imperialism – the Kurds and Armenians. The initiative comes in response to the world's sharp criticism of Israel's lethal raid on the Gaza flotilla which left nine activists dead and many wounded.

The organizers are currently seeking a suitable vessel and trying to recruit other students to the cause. No date has yet been set, but a skipper has been found: Arik Ofir, a member of the navy veteran's union and owner of a private business. They have also obtained medical supplies, and hope that by the end of the week they will be able to set out.

"The whole world saw the flotilla and thought Israel is a terrible state, which comes to shoot people who call themselves peace activists," said Chairman of the National Students Union Boaz Torporovsky, who is also involved. "It's absurd that they always put the Israeli occupation in the headlines and don't talk about extreme Islamic terror. There's a lot of hypocrisy in the world.

"Turkey, which leads the campaign against Israel and makes all sorts of threats is the same Turkey that carried out a holocaust and murdered an entire nation of Armenians, and oppresses a minority larger than the Palestinians – the Kurds – who deserve a state, who have demanded a state for longer than the State of Israel has existed."

The Armenians, you'll recall, were massacred by the millions in the early 19th century, whereas the Kurds are still quite oppressed in Turkey, Iraq, and Iran to this very day.

It'll be interesting to see how much attention this effort gets by the international press.

My bet is that their reaction will sound like this little guy right here:


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