The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

WHOA: Protest Pwners Reveal Themselves!

Кто знает?

The group responsible for pwning the Israeli Leftist "peace" rally that we discussed yesterday has revealed their motivation and methodology. And a whole boatload of awesome behind-the-scenes photographs!

Aside from the painful autotranslation, it's a very interesting look into what it takes to pull something like this off. To all of you Russian Israeli Anonymous who pulled this off—Я преклоняюсь перед Вашей огромная достижений! (Which is to say, I'd like to return some of that yummy Autotranslated goodness due to the fact that мои русски ето ни хорошо!)

You have Snapped Shot's full support in whatever you seek to accomplish next.

(Just be sure to share the yummy ironic photos with us when you do!)


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