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Two Turkeys in Turkey

Turkey the First:


Turkey the Second:

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I'd love to laugh at whatever it is they're discussing, but unfortunately, it does seem to be a rather serious matter:

ISTANBUL — Leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran convened at a security summit meeting in Istanbul on Tuesday in a display of regional power that appeared to be calculated to test the United States just one day before a scheduled American-backed debate in the United Nations Security Council on imposing tighter sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program.

Of course, if you've read Joel Rosenberg's intriguing novel The Ezekiel Option, none of this comes as any surprise.

As always, my prayers are with Israel.

Update: Argh, seem to have a glitch in my shiny new PicApp module. Will get it fixed later on in the evening—Until then, feel free to observe Turkey #2 right over here.

Update x2: Two turkeys all tweaked for dinner! My apologies for The Great Picapp Module Snafu—That's what you get when you leave me all alone in a room full of regular expressions all day. Hopefully this version will be a little bit more stable for the near future.

In fact, this calls for a test. Do we have dufus?

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