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Reuters Finds a Dreamboat

George is not amused.

I'm not one to suggest that Kevin Lamarque wants to have Captain Wonderful's babies or anything.

But—well, actually that's exactly what I'm trying to say!

In fact, I am fairly confident that Kevin framed this photograph with nothing in mind other than late nights in Obama's service, IYKWIMAITYD (NTTAWWT).

Now, coming from an art photographer (or a hack propagandist), that's not to say that there's anything wrong with framing a photograph of Wonder McFlufferbubbles in deep pose, with the nation's greatest leader poised ever-so-carefully in the background. I wouldn't exactly be one to be interested in schlock like that, but I would understand it, given the context that surrounds it.

This, on the other hand, is a wire service photograph—Intended for consumption as a news item. One which seems to be pushing a pretty heavy message, in direct contradiction with the supposedly-impartial nature of the quote-unquote "news" industry, I'd say.

If Kevin and his buddies over at Reuters are so wildly enthusiastic about the überleader's Volksadminiskampf, why should I believe them when they say they're mere impartial observers, on a rambling life journey to tell the truth—"Whatever that might be, maaan!"

They present glorifying photos like this, which might (MIGHT!) belong in the Editorial page of some tawdry left-wing rag, but I'm not sure it fits the purpose for which a respectable news agency is supposed to serve.

Though, given how closely news agencies resemble The World's Oldest Profession these days, perhaps it's not exactly a surprise.

All I'm asking is that they leave their dirty little fantasies to themselves for once.

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about the U.N. Security Council vote to impose sanctions against Iran from the Diplomatic Room of the White House in Washington June 9, 2010. A painting of George Washington is seen in the background. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (UNITED STATES)

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#1 Brian C. Ledbetter 09-Jun-2010

PS: This post is certified 90% Sarcasm, 10% Annoyance—Just in case Kevin ever actually reads this.

Though I would love to hear the "real" motivation behind this photograph, of course...

#2 captainfish 09-Jun-2010

you said the word, respectable, without spewing all over your computer and causing it to short?!!?

#3 Nice Deb 11-Jun-2010

Gah...those ears!

If that was planned, I think it was a bad idea.  Putting President Prissypants looking as prissy as ever, in close proximity to one of our greatest just doesn't work in his favor, you know?

#4 captainfish 11-Jun-2010

you said the word, prissy, without spewing all over your computer and causing it to short?!!?

........ oh, i said that already. ...............


(it was still funny dang it)

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