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Land Run Re-enactment Leads To Teacher Suspension

You know the PC police are everywhere when in a small out-of-the-way town gets contaminated by PC politics.  And someone suffers its consequences.

A Jay teacher who fired a cap gun in a classroom was suspended for 10 days without pay.

JAY — An elementary science teacher who discharged an unloaded gun inside a classroom was suspended for 10 days without pay, according to a document released by the Jay School District.

[Martin] was suspended April 29 while the school conducted an investigation, according to a document dated May 6 and signed by Charles Thompson, superintendent, and Martin.

The letter to Martin states, "while I do not wish to recommend your termination to the board of education, I do believe additional action is warranted.” Martin was admonished for using poor judgment even though the gun was loaded with a blank, the letter states.

While many of you will throw your arms up in the air and proclaim justice has been done, you have to remember that this comes from Jay, a fairly remote town in NE Oklahoma, with a population near 3,000 people.

Oklahoma is still very conservative and rural.  They love their cows, oil, gas, guns and hold on to their religion. Many of their schools still hold CHRISTMAS plays and shows.  They still allow Easter and Valentine's Day celebrations DURING school.  Many also still allow, and expect, the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of the day.  And, gulp, many of Oklahoma's public school-based sports teams still conduct a pre-game prayer.

Yet, Oklahoma has recently come under the influx of liberals.  These liberals fleeing their high-tax states bring their liberal PC views with them and corrupt the good populace.

Here is a bit more information from a commentor to the story:

water watcher,   (23 minutes ago)
Spoke to an educator in NE OK who knew the background - teacher was teaching Oklahoma Land Rush lesson, reportedly even had supervisor approval to bring cap pistol to class. Firing of the cap pistol was to simulate opening of the Land Rush. A parent complained when their child rported to them that a teacher had fired a gun at school, and from there the story developed legs.

Do not know if teacher had permission to fire the cap or if administrator threw the teacher under the bus. Regardless, the real story would not have been worth printing. Don't schools use starting guns (they shoot blanks) to start each race at track meets? If I was teaching I would demand a written contract before I agreed to be the starter at a track meet!

My bet is the bus was recently filled up and the administration needed a test run.  Re-enactment of the Oklahoma Land Run is a very big part of the history lessons in Oklahoma.  Better plan probably would have had him conducting his class outside.


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