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MEHR Guards Susan Rice's Honor


I'm not sure what exactly was so offensive about this AFP/Getty photograph, but never fear young Iranian souls: The Iranian news service MEHR is constantly on watch to make sure that you never have to witness anything that will cause moral injustice to your fragile little Islamic psyches!

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US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice talks with an adviser during a vote on broader military and financial sanctions on Iran over its suspect nuclear program during a UN Security Council at the UN headquarters June 9, 2010 in New York. The vote in the 15-member council was 12 in favor, with Lebanon abstaining and Brazil and Turkey voting against. The resolution, co-sponsored by Britain and France with the backing of Russia and China, expands an arms embargo and bans the country from sensitive activities like uranium mining. It authorizes states to conduct high-sea inspections of vessels believed to be ferrying banned items for Iran and adds 40 entities to a list of people and groups subject to travel restrictions and financial sanctions. AFP PHOTO/Emmanuel Dunand

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#1 captainfish 10-Jun-2010

My guess it is either the necklace that is evil, or the visible throat notch.  Both, I know, could possibly lead to riots, mahem, rapes, murder-death-kills, and even sore fingers.  All that because one lady so carelessly avoided covering up in a wheat-bag.  She must be punished for making men think such thoughts.

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