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Once Again, Facts Get In The Way Of A Good Story

The other day I wrote about how Mexico and pro-illegal activists are up in arms about how our Border Patrol responded to a number of Mexican punks throwing rocks at them while they detained 2 illegal border crossers.

After warning them away, one 14 or 15 year old teenager was shot and killed.  The family is demanding justice and law while exclaiming that he was just a good little kid who was shot for just going down to the river to play with his brother and friends.  The brother was supposedly on a lunch break from the local border station.  Brother worked baggage.  (yeah, I know.  Still does not make sense to me).

Now, more information is coming out.  Once again, it behoves honorable and respecters of truth to hold their tongues until those pesky and telling facts come out.

Here is another bit of fact that might help explain this unrolling story:

[Sergio] Huereka was charged with alien smuggling in 2009, according to sources who requested anonymity. Further details were not immediately available.

"He is a known juvenile smuggler," a source told Fox News. He was also on a "most wanted" list of juvenile smugglers compiled by U.S. authorities in the El Paso area, sources said.

The little child who was just wanting to play with his brother and never meant nobody no harm.... is a wanted criminal and is on the "most wanted" list.  All at the tender young age of 14 or 15.

But, why let history and fact get in the way of a good lynching.


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