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Every Which Way But Right

Ok.  I'm lost.  Can someone please tell remind me that Science knows all?  Please remind me that when a scientist finds data and makes a finding, that those findings are based on actual tests and results that can be quantified, verfied and duplicated?


May I present you with today's version of science...

Man-made global warming started with ancient hunters

WASHINGTON—Even before the dawn of agriculture, people may have caused the planet to warm up, a new study suggests.

Mammoths used to roam modern-day Russia and North America, but are now extinct—and there’s evidence that around 15,000 years ago, early hunters had a hand in wiping them out. A new study, accepted for publication in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), argues that this die-off had the side effect of heating up the planet.

Is that like saying a lit match can start a fire AND freeze you as well?



#1 Kevin 03-Jul-2010

I blame global warming on Israel.  They're the cause of every other problem known to man, according to the MSM and liberals, so why not blame them for global warming too?

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