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Israel Versus Iran Betting Pool

Israeli Nuke Strike Betting Pool

Israel is preparing to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities. What will Iran claim was hit? Will the Evil Zionists™ destroy another Baby Milk Factory? An Orphanage? Or much worse, an Iranian Center for Religious Tolerance?

Join the betting pool!

Place your bets! Pick a grid.

Winner will receive an AUTHENTIC copy of Brian C. Ledbetter’s Cease and Desist from the Associated Press! Brian will also throw in the ORIGINAL FedEx envelope! 

[PRIZE UPDATE:] The Jawa Report has graciously agreed to issue a FATWA against the winner!

[PRIZE UPDATE:] StarCMC's Enemedia Roundup is offering to post a video in honor of the winner!

[PRIZE UPDATE:] Public Secrets will publicly denounce the winner as a "Zionist Crusader Islamophobe"!

[PRIZE UPDATE:] Six Meat Buffet is going to provide a collectable "Sarah's First Day" bumper sticker!

[PRIZE UPDATE:] WoW! Planck's Constant will offer a 14kt gold "Israel Nuked Iran" charm!

[PRIZE UPDATE:] Elder of Ziyon will reveal his REAL first name to the winner!

[PRIZE UPDATE:] Shiver me timbers! Winner will get an American flag OR a Jolly Roger compliments of the Pirate's Cove! ARG!

[PRIZE UPDATE:] The Infidel Blogger's Alliance is offering an autographed copy of Brooks William Kelley's book, The Martyr's Prize.

[PRIZE UPDATE:] AntiHippies promises to expose winning blog to the New York Times!

(Any participating blog willing to contribute a prize, please let us know. Other prizes would be greatly appreciated. Since international shipping may increase postal charges, we'll leave it at discretion of awarder whether to ship outside home country.)


You can use comments to pick a grid or you can email me. Be sure to include your blogging nick, your blog name and the blog's URL.

Betting Pool will remain open until Israel strikes at Iran's nuclear facilities.

NOTE: Casualty numbers have been RANDOMLY added but will be kept hidden until the Betting Pool ends.

Winner will be the blog that selects the most accurate target claimed by IRAN - not the actual target Israel hits! If more than one blog correctly selects the claimed target, the overall winner will be whoever has the correct target AND the closest casualty count, as reported by IRAN.

I'll be updating the pool daily, replacing the numbers in the grids with blog names.

(Click to enlarge and open in a new window - Updated 09/03/10)

**In the event Iran claims a target that is not on this list and not even close to any listed, will select the closest match.**

**One entry per blog! Bloggers may enter multiple blogs, however, reserves the right to limit the number of entries by an individual blogger.**

**In the event of multiple winners (should Iran claim multiple targets), a random draw will determine overall winner.**


Participating Blogs (In order received - Updated 09/03/10):

Ummat al-Kuffar (#144)

Penn State Track & Field Alumni Golf (#31)

The Jawa Report (#73)

Stable of Zionist Hores & Zionist Pimp #5 (#133)

Because No One Asked (#141)

AW1 Tim's Blog (#43)

StarCMC's Enemedia Roundup (#126)

Public Secrets (#11)

How Can People Be So Stupid? (#109)

Doug Ross @ Journal (#13)

The Unreligious Right (#94)

American and Proud (#46)

I Will Not Submit! (#90)

AnimalBlog (#91)

Six Meat Buffet (#40)

Al Salibiyyah (#84)

Glezele Vayne (#53)

Planck's Constant (#122)

Sassy Wire (#85)

Flying Fish Bar & Grill (#115)

The Chronicles Of A Rogue Jew (#36)

Elder of Ziyon (#137)

Gathering Storm (#19)

Pirate's Cove (#29)

Infidel Blogger's Alliance (#118)

The Steel Bookshelf (#77)

Gary Rumain's Mad About Mahound (#101)

Wolf Howling (#35)

EU_UNUL (#51)

Smokey's Den (#3)

AntiHippies (#128)

Rhymes With Right (#44)

Oh What Now! (#125)

Report On Arrakis (#27) (#104)

**Please email me if you find any errors.**



#1 dfbaskwill 19-Jun-2010

Block 31 please.  Penn State Track and Field Alumni Golf would like to donate a flashlight that doesn't need batteries and wrist bands advertising our group.

#2 Allahakchew aka SH 19-Jun-2010

Orphanage - block 73

#3 ZH#2 19-Jun-2010

Humanitarian Aid Storage Block 133

#4 Michele 19-Jun-2010

I'll take block 141.


And I'm looking for an appropriate prize to offer.

#5 AW1 Tim 19-Jun-2010


   hey! Looks like a great pool. I'll take block 43 please!

   If I can come up with a suitable prize, I'll be happy to offer it as well.



#6 DMartyr 19-Jun-2010

That's cool! Email me the details about the wristbands and then I'll add them to the prize list.

You can hang on to them until Israel make a move, then I'll announce the winner and we'll go from there. :)

#7 Bubbe 20-Jun-2010

Toy Factory #52 

#8 DMartyr 20-Jun-2010

I need your blog name and url to enter it.

And block 52 is a women's shelter.

#9 Bubbe 20-Jun-2010

Sorry, I am blond and just a poster, not a blogger.  Toy Factory #103

#10 StarCMC 20-Jun-2010

I'll take Block #126, Alex! 

I have no serious prize to offer, but I will make a video in honor of the winner, get a friend to upload to YouTube and post on my blog.


#11 StarCMC 20-Jun-2010

Hmm...tried to post but I don't think I succeeded!

Block #126 for me, please.  And if the winner is someone other than myself, I will create a video, upload it to a friend's YouTube page, and post to my blog in their honor!


#12 Phineas Fahrquar 20-Jun-2010

Oh, I have to get in on this. I'll take block 11, "Baby food/formula processing plant." I'm suhc a traditionalist that way.

Winner gets denounced as a Zionist Crusader Islamophobe on my blog.

#13 DMartyr 20-Jun-2010

I'll add you. :)

#14 John Morris 20-Jun-2010
Oh come on, you can't have a pool of this sort without "Islamic Holy Site" or even "Mosque" on the list.If they were really clever they would do "Church - Christian" to go for a twofer. See, we don't persecute Christians, we allow them to have their churches, it is the wicked Jooos who bomb them. But then they ain't they clever.
#15 DMartyr 20-Jun-2010

You are right. I had initially intended to have a mosque, but left it off as too obvious.

Since no one has claimed "Bread Factory", which I think is probably the least likely to be claimed, I've changed it to "Synagogue/Church/Mosque".

I will accept requests to change grids to this target if desired.

#16 Doug Ross 20-Jun-2010



Doug Ross @ Journal selects...




(Frickin' genius, Brian -- in Linx tomorra)

#17 DMartyr 20-Jun-2010

Hey, Doug - great to have you onboard.

I need a grid number to get your blog added.

If I don't get a reply by next update, I'll put you down for #13

#18 UNRR 20-Jun-2010

Put me down for block #94 please.

#19 Robert 20-Jun-2010

I'll take block #46, A madrassas will be hit becaue Israel is full of islmaphobes....

#20 Lan Astaslem 21-Jun-2010

Block 90 please. I think I can come up with suitable bathroom reading material. Maybe this green book I picked up in Uzbekistan? Can't read it 4 crap, but the guy that gave it to me called it a "Coren"? Anyhow, I've got like a dozen I keep by the throne just in case I run out of TP while on the crapper.

#21 Animal 21-Jun-2010

The AnimalBlog selects block 91, please!

#22 DMartyr 21-Jun-2010

Are you offering that little green book of toilet paper as a prize?

#23 Gordon 21-Jun-2010

Awesome idea! Please put Six Meat Buffet down for School #40. I'll throw in a (dated) 1/21/09 - Sarah's First Day bumper sticker.


Please, next time, send us a tip for major pimpage.

#24 Brian C. Ledbetter 21-Jun-2010

I thought I sent a tip to you g.... oh, crud. You're not on my hotlist. I meant to send it to the Buffet!

Ah well, it's not like it matters. I'm such a nobody these days, I'm sure it would've ended up in your spam folder no matter what it said. ;)

#25 Lan Astaslem 22-Jun-2010

Yes, sorry about my lack of clarity.

#26 Elyakatz 22-Jun-2010


Block #53.

#27 bernie from Planck's Constant org 22-Jun-2010

I'll offer a solid 14 kt gold charm with the words "Israel Nuked Iran"

I am having it commissioned now and as soon as it is done I will send you a photo of it.


#28 Sassy 22-Jun-2010

I'm going with synagogue/church/mosque #85

#29 DMartyr 22-Jun-2010

Wow! Nice prize!

What grid would you like to claim?

#30 Son of Liberty 22-Jun-2010

Sorry no blog yet. But it'll be Islamic Vice Police Center - the adult men breastfeeding department. Now gimme my fatwa!

#31 DMartyr 22-Jun-2010

Everyone, please keep spreading the word! Email your favorite bloggers!

We still have many grids to fill.


#32 DMartyr 22-Jun-2010

Pick a grid!

Send the blog URL when you get it up.

#33 bernie from Planck's Constant org 22-Jun-2010

Grid #122 will be fine.

#34 Flyfish 23-Jun-2010

#115 please

#35 The Rogue Jew 23-Jun-2010

#36 a school

#36 captainfish 28-Jun-2010

dang it.. I wanna play too!!! 

Thank you one and all for coming, playing and even offering up prizes.   Please tell your friends about it.  I guess you can call this our Rule #5.

(we are not above grovelling)

#37 Elder of Ziyon 28-Jun-2010

Humanitarian aid storage, block #137. I will even go out on a limb and say that the storage was earmarked for Gaza orphans injured by white phosphorus.

Prize? I'll reveal my real first name :)


#38 WC 28-Jun-2010

Put me in for #19, please. We'll announce this on the Gathering Storm Radio Show this Friday.


#39 DMartyr 28-Jun-2010

Thanks, WC!



#40 William Teach 28-Jun-2010

Hospital/Medical Building at 29

PS: I'll chip in and offer to purchase any American or Pirate flag up to $25 bucks


#41 captainfish 28-Jun-2010

will it have one of your famous bkini-babes attached to them?

#42 upyernoz 30-Jun-2010

and if israel doesn't strike iran's nuclear facilities? i mean, people have been predicting an imminent israeli strike against iran for about five years now.

also technically they might not be able to pull it off since the u.s. will not give them overflight rights over iraq and turkish airspace is now effectively closed to them. all of the plausible bomber flightpaths go over one of those two countries.

#43 midnight rider 02-Jul-2010

Fellow Infidels! Midnight Rider from Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

After some conversation and much drinking Pastorius and I choose grid #118, Water Treatment Plant.

AND LO! We would like to offer a prize as well.

Brooks William Kelley has graciously sent us a hardcover copy of his new and terrific book The Martyr's Prize autographed to the crew and fans of IBA. Which Pastorius and I have also autographed. Well, Pasto will as soon as I get my lazy ass to the post office and send it to him. We'll also see how many other of our miscreants we can get to sign it before the balloon goes up.



#44 Jon 02-Jul-2010

Put me down for block #77, please.

#45 Brian C. Ledbetter 02-Jul-2010

Haha, looks like you and I are on the same page for once, 'noz!

I don't see a strike right now as being very likely, either—though I'm basing that on how wishy-washy Israel's government has been behaving this year, combined with the fact that they haven't traditionally preferred to act without U.S. support, and our current Administration's support is ambivalent at best.

Of course, I'm always open to being surprised... So who knows?

Anyway, I guess there are a couple of ways we could go with this—We could either hold off on the prizes until there is some form of military action (since the contest already states that it will remain open "until Israel strikes at Iran's nuclear facilities"), or we could set a hard cutoff date, and if nothing happens before then, award the prize to you—since you're the first person (not working for Snapped Shot) who called "No strike."

I'll leave the decision up to DM, who's been doing a fantastic job of running the contest thus far! :)

#46 Janice 04-Jul-2010

I'm blond too and have no blog (yet) :)  An out-numbered yet undaunted university senior majoring in Poli-Sci in lib-land Illinois.  Also a US Army vet and supporter of Israel.  Please, block #119, a Water Treatment Facility.

Reuters will be among those first on the scene, bringing the dead in an ambulance.  Same bodies that have been in cold storage since 2006.  The attack will happen on a weekend when few personnel are working, and one of the workers will have brought his baby with him.



#47 Arvind 11-Jul-2010

You missed the usual one - WEDDING PARTY!

#48 Cletus 25-Jul-2010

My theory isn't listed. I think Iran will claim the Zionists set themselves back years by accidentaly bombing their own undercover spy squirrel and spy pidgeon network.

#49 DMartyr 26-Jul-2010

HA! Should have thought of that one, Cletus!

Also, Arvind - that's a good one! I think Capt may have mentioned similar. I just decided to go with buildings rather than social events.

Janice - I have you listed in grid, I just haven't updated here. When I get new blogs to link, I'll update entire post and your choice will be listed then.

#50 Gary Rumain 27-Jul-2010

Toy Factory @ #101 for me!

#51 Gary Rumain 27-Jul-2010

A camel urine bottling plant isn't listed. Probably just as well. Arselifters would go apeshit if one of those was hit!

#52 GW 27-Jul-2010

You can sign up my blog as a participant - Wolf Howling.  You can sign me up for block 35.  Israel will destroy a hospital - total casualties claimed by Ahmedinejad will be at least 20,000 (not sure if that is block 35 or not).  Iran has multiple sites around the country involved in the creation and storage of fissle material - and most of those sites are in or abutting population centers.  Half of Iran will be glowing after the strike.  But what the hell, if you can't stand the fall out, what does that say about your faith in Khomeini's version of Allah anyway.

#53 captainfish 27-Jul-2010

Heeheee.  This is getting fun.  One wonders though, who will win the race to the war against Iran.  US or Israel.  US might just because of electioneering and wanting to be liked by the other muslim nations like Saudia Arabia, Kuwait and UAE.

#54 eu_unul 06-Aug-2010

Women's shelter-51. If I would be a zionist that's what I would hit!

#55 Smokey Behr 13-Aug-2010

Smokey's Den chooses spot #3. Everything is a "baby milk factory" when it's bombed by those "Eeeeevil Zionist Jooooooos". That's what Israel hit last time they bombed Iran, and that's what the US hit in Libya and Iraq, right?

#56 Rhymes With Right 15-Aug-2010

I'll take Block #44 -- a school (in honor of my return to taching duties this week).

#57 Rhymes With Right 15-Aug-2010

I'm not sure if it went through a moment ago -- in honor of my return to teaching duties this week, I'll take #44, a school.

#58 The Filthy Engineer 16-Aug-2010

125. Nursery/daycare centre.

#59 #1infidel 16-Aug-2010

#27, Thanks

#60 betting 20-Aug-2010

toy factory 104

#61 Midnight Rider 27-Nov-2010

Hey gang! What about the Stuxnet attack? Was that sufficiently crippling enough to count?


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