The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Your Caption Requested

While the shoe turned out to be too large to wear, nobody would doubt that it was stylin' like no other.

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#1 DMartyr 24-Jun-2010

"We are preparing for the return of the Mahdi. We know he wll be powerful and larger than any man on earth, and are confident by the scriptures of muhammad that he wears size 348 shoe. We'll have a pair by the time he arrives, insha'allah."

#2 DMartyr 24-Jun-2010

"Sure, those filthy jews always win the Zionist Nobel Peace prize, but can they make shoes this big?"

#3 DMartyr 24-Jun-2010

"We have discovered muhammad's (pbuh) left shoe, proving once and for all the great man he was. The shoe is evidence of islamic superiority, for only allah's own messenger could have filled those shoes! Allahackbar!"

#4 DMartyr 24-Jun-2010

Let's dance!


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